Automated Uranium

Automated Uranium

Do you need uranium for fueling your nuclear generator or for blistering ingots? This guide will teach you how to automate it!

List of items

  • Automated cobble generator

  • x1 Electric Dust Washer (Any Tier)

  • x1 Electric Gold Pan (Any Tier)

  • x2 Automated Crafting Chambers (Slimefun)

  • x1 Trash Can (Cargo one)

  • x4 Electric Ore Grinders (Any Tier)List of items

  • x1 Miner Minion

  • x4 Electric Ore Grinder (Any Tier)

  • x1 Electric Gold Pan (Any Tier)

  • x1 Electric Ore Washer (Any Tier)

  • x2 Electric Presses (Any Tier) OR Automated Crafting Chambers

  • x1 Trash Can

  • x10 Advanced Output Nodes

  • x9 Input Nodes

Step 1: Setting up the Miner Minion

To ensure the cobble supply for the auto uranium production, you will have to set up a miner android. To do so, place a miner minion next to a cobblestone generator. Make sure that your minion is facing the block it should mine! Now the minion should start mining the generator blocks, you should link it to a chest so it doesn't drop the items on the floor. Put an input node onto the chest, so you can pull cobble into your cargo system. As all cobble generators also generate ores, make sure that the other resources are pulled out of the chest and put somewhere else, or your system will be overflown by them. Your setup now should look similar to the picture on the right. Optionally, you can also add a feeder minion so your minion doesn't run out of food as quickly. Make sure it always has enough food to work!

Step 2: Obtaining Sifted Ore

Now that you have your cobble automated, use cargo nodes to push it into your first electric ore grinder. It will then produce gravel, which has to now be transported to the electric gold pan. Panning the gravel will result in us getting sifted ore, flint, clay and iron nuggets. As you will only want the sifted ore, you will have to set up a trash can or some kind of storage to deploy the flint, clay and iron nuggets, so they don't block the system.

Step 3: Converting Sifted Ore to Tiny Piles Of Uranium

Converting the sifted dust to small uranium chunks will require another 4 machines. First of all, the sifted ore is going to be transported to another electric ore grinder, where crushed ore will be produced. The crushed ore will now have to be transported to another electric ore grinder, where it will be crushed again and pulverized ore will be produced. The pulverized ore now has to be washed in the electric dust washer, which will produce pure ore clusters. By once again transporting these to another ore grinder, you will obtain tiny piles of uranium.

Step 4: Compressing Uranium

Now you just have to craft the tiny piles of uranium into uranium. This can be done in 2 ways, either with electric presses or with automated crafting chambers. You will have to do 2 more steps to complete the process of auto uranium. First, send the tiny piles of uranium in the first electric press / crafting chamber. There they will be compressed into small chunks of uranium, which then have to be sent into another electric press / crafting chamber to be compressed into uranium (Note: If you are using automated crafting chambers, make sure to put the recipes before). Congrats, you now have automated uranium! Just pull it out of the last machine into a storage and you will have endless amounts of uranium in a short time!

Originally created by Asriel_dmr
Reworked by marvJosh