Armor Stands

The armor stand is a great tool in minecraft till this day, The Void Realms plugin allows us to create many different styles with the armor stand.

Crafting an Armor Stand

  • An armor stand is created by placing three sticks in each square of the first row of the crafting area. Then, place one stick in the middle square of the middle row. Finally, place the smooth stone slab in the middle cell of the bottom row with a stick on either side. (Refer to image for visual)

Armor Stand Abilities

When placing your armor stand, it will appear with no arms (unless you are Enchanter Rank+ then there will be arms). Crouching while right clicking the armor stand will bring up it’s menu to allow you to configure it in different ways.
  • Main Menu Editor: There are a bunch of red and green wool blocks showing you different visual attributes you can use on your armor stand. The titles basically state how you can change the visible attributes of your armor stand.
  • Position Editor: This menu allows you to configure the position your armor stand is in. You can change the arms to rotate any way, the legs any way, and even the torso!
    • Left click makes the value go into the negative (body part moves backwards).
    • Right click makes the value go to the positive (body part moves forwards).
Position Editor Menu
  • Brown Wool: Changes the X-Value of the armor stand
  • Blue Wool: Changes the Y-Value of the armor stand
  • Purple Wool: Changes the Z-Value of the armor stand
  • Lonely Brown Wool: Changes the body rotation
  • Template Saver: This menu allows you to save any part of your armor stand template and allows you to create a copy by saving it.
    • When saving the template, green keeps the part of the armor stand you like, while yellow makes sure the parts you don’t like won’t be saved.
    • You will also be requested to create a title for your armor stand in chat!
  • Clone Picker: This menu makes it possible for you to copy certain aspects of one armor stand and then copy it over to another armor stand.
    • Exit out of the Clone Picker Menu when you select the body parts you want to keep. If done correctly you will see “Click armor stand to duplicate it, or punch any block to cancel process”. This basically means, click on a plain armor stand to create a carbon copy of your edited armor stand. If you didn’t want to copy any armor stand, then right click on any block and it will cancel the process.
      • Red wool: makes sure the body part you don’t want to copy doesn’t get copied
      • Green Wool: makes sure the body part you want to copy gets copied over

Commands To Know

  • /armorstand last - Shows the last armor stand you edited
  • /armorstand list - Shows a list of your saved armor stand templates
  • /armorstand near - Shows the nearest armor stand in case you made it invisible and/or unable to be interacted with

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