Villager Optimizations

Why are villagers optimized?

Villagers on Minecraft servers cause a significant amount of lag in large quantities, to help reduce this impact on the server we introduce a trick called "lobotomizing". Villagers lobotomize for a few reasons:

  • When they are enclosed in a space this stops their breeding and movement AI (Usually I would make the space 5x5 or wider) and puts them into just a trading mode. This reduces the amount of "brain" ticks from the villagers AI.

  • When the server is lagging below a certain threshold it stops all villager mechanics (usually 16tps).

We recommend having a breeding area 5x5 blocks or larger, 3 blocks high, and then moving your villagers into a 1x1 for trading mode to do your part in reducing server lag! You should make the area for villagers larger if they're having this issue so they have the ability to lose and gain new trades. :)

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