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Have you ever died unexpectedly on Towny and was afraid your stuff would be lost? Well don’t fret any further! The introduction to graves has changed the way for players who died and gives them a chance to get back to their stuff without it despawning.

Graves/Collecting Your Grave

When you die by anything/anyone on Towny a grave will be created for you upon death. The grave will show how you died, the player name, the date and a time limit for the player to get their grave before it breaks and is left on the ground.
Along with a grave being created the player is able to find their grave coordinates via chat along with the world they died in incase they accidentally tossed out the compass they received.

Collecting your Grave

When going to collect the grave you can shift + click on it allowing the items to be placed back in an orderly position along with your armor being placed on. You can also click on the grave and bring up its inventory so you can place the items you’d like into your inventory in the positions you prefer.

Items Received via Graves


When you die you are given a compass with coords to your death location. This allows the player to find their grave in the given time and collect their items comfortably. The compass will disappear once the grave has been collected.


The obituary is a marker for what happened when you died and your death coordinates. The obituary shows the cause of death, date, the amount of items you had in your inventory, along with the exp and location of your death.
You could sell your obituary to other players as a joke, throw it out (using /trash or burning it in lava), or save it as a memoir of the time you died.

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