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How to vote and what does it reward?

Thanks for showing interest in supporting the server! Voting brings more traffic to the server, meaning you'll have more new people to meet and play with, or more competition etc, so voting is an important contribution to the server if you have time! It's super simple, just use the links below and put your minecraft name (CaSe SeNsItIve!) when you vote. Then you'll receive the rewards on the server and be eligible for a vote party!
What does it reward you ask? Why that's simple, it rewards gems and, provided you're on a server with crates, vote keys! Be sure to go to /warp crates if you get vote keys to use your prize.

Vote Parties

Vote parties are rewarded when the network has reached 600 votes! Vote parties can happen multiple times a day however you can only get rewarded once a day as you have to meet these requirements:
  • Be online when the vote party is met
  • Voted a certain amount of times during that vote party
  • Space in your inventory to collect the rewards
Since you can only vote a limited amount of times a day you can only recieve rewards once a day! What do vote parties reward? They reward:
  • 500 gems
  • 3 vote keys (Does not apply to Creative)
Keep in mind that per the requirements you only get the vote party rewards on the gamemode you're on! So be sure to be online on your favorite gamemode to get your voting rewards c:

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