Mob Arena

Hiya! Curious on how mob arena works? You've come to the right place

The Basics

Before you join the mob arena, here are a few important things to keep in mind. You'll use the items you have in your inventory, and there are some other details to remember, like how to get in and out, how to begin the game, and more.
TIP: Be sure to replace {arena name} with one of the three arenas!
The arenas are:
  • DeepDark
  • Dungeon
  • Mineshaft
Here's a list of commands that will help you join one of our three arenas!
  • /ma join {arena name} - Join an arena of your choice!
  • /ma leave - Leaves the arena you currently are in!
  • /ma spec {arena name} - spectate an area of your choice! be able to see those currently in a session and be able to watch your friends kick butt.
  • /ma arenas - lists all of the arenas that are available to you

How to get to the Mob Arena area

You will need to type /warp MobArena. It will bring you to the lovely area AloiseWipp built for us to enjoy. It houses the leaderboards for each arena, separate tunnels leading to each tunnel, & some info boards!

Joining An Arena

When you join an arena you will be teleported to a board that looks something like the image below. You will need to right click the iron block & you will be marked as 'ready' to join the arena!
WARNING: Be sure all of you joining an arena are in the lobby before marking yourself as ready so you don't end up forgetting someone!

The Arenas

There are 3 different mob arenas, each with different themes and different bosses.


Check out the dungeon arena I built! It's the fierce lair of the Piglin Brute. Watch your step inside, as he might give you a toss for reaching for his gold.


Explore the epic mineshaft crafted by our talented builder, Sh__de! Inside, you'll encounter the sassy iron golem. Spotting you on a "Most Wanted" flyer, he's got his eyes on the prize and is craving that juicy reward!

Deep Dark

Last but not least, get ready for the mysterious Deep Dark—also brought to life by the amazing Sh__de! Inside, you'll meet the Warden, who's quite the curious character. Keep things quiet, or his super sniffer might lead him straight to you!


So, what about the rewards? While you won't discover the exact items for every wave here, I can share that you'll earn individual rewards at waves 3, 5, 25, 50, 75, and 100. Additionally, you'll be gifted rewards every 10 waves. The prize pool is packed with goodies, and who knows, you might even snag the exclusive event rewards from PyroMining & PyroFishing by defeating the final boss.

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