Level Guide

Gaining Exp

Before you can actually level up you must first gain exp. This is extremely simple just simply go to any other channel and type something and you'll gain exp. But wait! Before you go start typing up a storm the bot is on a cooldown. It won't give you exp for every message to prevent spamming. Also something to keep in mind is the length of your message, you won't gain any exp for posting longer messages so don't try to type up long walls just to get a ton of exp at once ;) It simply awards you a set range of exp every minute for sending a message.
Keep in mind sending random messages in chat that make sense at all can get you in trouble so steer away from that. Try to start up a conversation if you're looking to gain exp!

Leveling Up

Now we can get to the fun part! Once you gain enough exp you'll level up to the next level. "But wait... I still have the role 'Level 1'?" Roles don't update every level, instead they update every 5 levels. We will discuss that more later. In order to see the exp you need to achieve the next level you can go to the #bot-commands channel and simply use the !rank command. You'll see a message from the bot like the image on the right. Underneath "Experience" you'll find how much you have and how much you need to level up.

Ranking Up

Beyond just levelling up, you can also "rank up" which means you'll rank a higher place in the server in terms of who has the most experience. You can view a whole list of people, how much they messaged, how much experience they have and their level by going to the leaderboard! Simply use the leaderboard command (/leveltop).

Level Roles

As mentioned before, as you level up you'll unlock new roles. These don't really do anything except to flex and later on the roles have colors so you can get a cool colored name. Below will be listed every role you can get! List of Roles:
  • Level 1 - Newbie
  • Level 5 - Beginner
  • Level 10 - Apprentice
  • Level 15 - Intermediate
  • Level 20 - Advanced
  • Level 25 - Novice Vortex Mage*
  • Level 30 - Advanced Vortex Mage
  • Level 35 - Master Vortex Mage
  • Level 40 - Novice Abyssal Mage
  • Level 45 - Advanced Abyssal Mage
  • Level 50 - Master Abyssal Mage
  • Level 55 - Novice Diviner
  • Level 60 - Advanced Diviner
  • Level 65 - Master Diviner
  • Level 70 - Novice Novamancer
  • Level 75 - Advanced Novamancer
  • Level 80 - Master Novamancer
  • Level 85 - Novice Voidmancer
  • Level 90 - Advanced Voidmancer
  • Level 95 - Master Voidmancer
  • Level 100 - Realm Master
*Novice Vortex Mage is the very first colored role. From then on the roles will continue changing colors, with advanced and master being "darker" versions of novice and each novice changing to a totally different color.\

Created by CrystalNeko