Creating A Town

Well to even manage a town you need to start off by creating one! To create a town you will need to type /town create <name>. Now your town will be founded; When you message in chat it'll display your town name next to your username/nickname.

Leveling Up Your Town

To level up your town to the next level you will need to deposit money into the town bank by using /t deposit (amount). Once you deposit money into your town you can level the town by using /t level. Once you bein to level your town you can claim more chunks & invite more members. To see how much money is required till the next level do /t level. It will show how much money you need until the next level.

Inviting Members

Some people enjoy inviting others to their towns! You'd need to type /t invite <username> to do so. Once you have sent the invite they will need to type /t accept.
Once they have accepted the invite to the town they cannot do anything unless you make them a trusted citizen /t promote <username>, or you can assign town members to town plots, where they can only access things in farm plots & their own player plots.

Town Roles

A town member can be assigned to one of several town roles. Each has different permissions that allow them to assist a town mayor in managing their town.
  • Mayor:
    • Permissions:
      • /t bio: Change your towns bio
      • /t rename: Rename your town
      • /t disband: Delete your town
      • /t transfer (player): Transfer your town to another member of your town
      • *All permissions from Co-Mayor*
  • Co-Mayor:
    • Permissions:
      • /t flag: Modify town flags/settings
      • /t greeting: Change your towns enter message
      • /t farewell: Change your towns leave message
      • /unclaim: Unclaim a chunk for your town
      • /t claim: Claim a chunk for your town
      • /t setspawn: Update the town spawn
      • /t publicspawn: Toggle the privacy of your town's spawn
      • *All permissions from Officer*
  • Officer:
    • Permissions:
      • /t plot unclaim: Unclaim a plot assigned to someone
      • /t promote: Promote citizen members to trustee
      • /t demote: Demote trustee members to citizen
      • /t invite: Invite new members to your town
      • /t evict: Kick town members (cannot evict members with an equal or higher rank thank you)
      • /t farm: Convert the claimed chunk you're standing in to a farm chunk
      • /t plot: Convert the claimed chunk you're standing in into plots
      • /t plot add: Assign town members to a plot
      • *All permissions from Trustee*
  • Trustee:
    • Permissions:
      • Trusted access: Ability to build outside your assigned plot chunk(s), including in regular claimed chunks
      • *All permissions from Citizen*
  • Citizen:
    • Permissions:
      • /t deposit: Deposit money into your town coffers
      • /t chat: Use the town chat
      • /t leave: Leave your town
      • /t spawn: Teleport to your town's spawn
  • Player:
  • Commands:
    • /t accept: Accept a towns invite
    • /t info: Get information about your town
    • /t help: See a list of help commands for the towny plugin
    • /t list: List all established towns
    • /t map: See chunks claimed around you

Created by : soolar__