Void Realms Wiki

How to Link

Step 1: Log In

In order to link your account you first need to login to the server. So launch your minecraft up and find voidrealms in your server list!
Incase you forgot the server IP: play.voidrealms.net

Step 2: Using a Command

Now that you're logged into the server simply either stay in hub or choose a server of your choice. Then run the command /discord link and you'll get a message in chat like in the image below.

Step 3: Messaging a Bot

Now you have a code you need to DM one of our bots on discord. To do so, go to #​🔗| linking and click on one of the bots pinged there. It does not matter which of the bots you choose to dm the code to, so just go into their dms and send them the code from step 2!

Things to Note:

  • Don't send any messages to the bot other than your code. It will unlink you and you will have to link again.
  • You get a member rank upon linking which you can do /kit member on every server for 2 common keys and 1 uncommon key which is redeemable every 24 hours.
  • The member rank you get from linking is yellow and will show up as a tag ingame and make your name yellow on discord if you have no donor ranks or a staff rank.
  • Linking up means you'll be able to chat to minecraft through discord. Check out Chat Sync for more information!

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