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Making Suggestions

Have you ever wanted to create a suggestion to see a change for the server/discord but never knew how to? Keep reading to understand how to do this exact thing! Before creating a post make sure you are in the Void Realms discord! ( )

Where is the suggestions forum?

Under the community tab of the VR discord you will be able to see a forum labeled “📫┃Suggestions”. In this forum you will be able to create, vote, and give your opinion on previous and current suggestions players have sent! The channel is always being reviewed by staff to make sure the set rules are followed and no one is trolling or sending hate posts there.


The channel has many tags along with certain tags the staff use to let others know if the suggestion has been either Denied, Accepted, Coding Required (for the developers to see) or Implemented. Players who create a suggestion will be able to label their own suggestion based on the category it falls upon!
Remember the title of your post should be a short summary of the suggestion you are proposing! The post itself should be your suggestion along with an in detail explanation on your suggestion. Make sure to put tags upon your suggestion post so players can understand where you want your suggestion of change/addition to be! If there are multiple places you want your suggestion to be, put all the tags that apply to your suggestion!!

Tag Examples:

Discord - discord related suggestions (“I would like to see [suggestion] on the discord. [along with a description of your suggestion in detail].”) Network - all gamemode related suggestions (“I think [suggestion] would be great to see on [all or select game modes]. [a description of your suggestion in detail]”)
Towny, Creative - “[suggestion] would be great to be seen on these game modes. [a description of your suggestion in detail]”

Rules to follow when a suggestion:

  • All standard chat rules apply. If you do not remember the chat rules, click here to refresh your mind upon them. ( )
  • Do not argue in these posts otherwise a member of staff will time you out.
  • Inappropriate posts or otherwise hateful posts will be removed.
  • Keep any suggestion posts on topic!

How to make a Suggestion!

🟦 Write a title!
🟨 Write your suggestion here, be sure to be as descriptive as you can!
🟥 Pick the servers your suggestion applies to, You need to pick a tag to be able to post the suggestion
🟪 Customize your suggestion by adding more reactions and/or upload images
🟩 Post your suggestion and for player & staff responses!

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