Bedrock Connections

Connecting on other Devices

You can play Void Realms on any device that has Minecraft Bedrock! As long as you own Minecraft for that device you can connect to our server using our IP. The port is just the default bedrock port instead of java's port!

Linking your Java & Bedrock accounts

You can now link your java account to a bedrock account so you can play your java account on the go, in your living room or whatever your preference is! Please keep in mind that any items on your bedrock account will not be transferred over when linked and you must transfer those items over first. We do not transfer account data like skills levels, player ranks etc.
How do you link? - Login to the server on either account - Type /bedrocklink (or /linkaccount) and provide the username of the opposite account - Login with the second account and type /bedrocklink (First Account Name) (Code Given)
Example: Java Account: /bedrocklink *SkizzlesX Code is 1234 Bedrock Account: /bedrocklink ISkizzlesI 1234

Global Linking

You can use the above mentioned linking process if you want, but you can also link your account globally so you don't have to relink your accounts on every server you join! As long as the server allows global linking (which we do) you do not have to do the above mentioned steps. Instead you'll use one of the two mentioned ways below!
1) Online Linking: <- Follow This Link
  • Login with your Bedrock account
  • Login with your Java account
  • You're Linked!
2) Server Linking:
  • Log onto with your Bedrock & Java accounts
  • Type /linkaccount with one of the accounts. You will be given a code
  • On the other account type /linkaccount (code)
  • You're Linked!

Still struggling to login?

Are you still finding it difficult to login? There's some videos below that show how to connect to bedrock enabled java servers!
Nintendo Switch

Useful Commands

Below is a list of useful commands for bedrock players
  • /geyser tooltips - Enables tooltips like item damage and durability for bedrock players
  • /geyser statistics - Opens the Java Statistics menu for Bedrock players
  • /geyser offhand - Adds item to offhand for bedrock players
  • /geyser advancements - Opens the Java Advancements menu for Bedrock players

Bedrock Settings

We recommend you use these tips to enhance your gameplay on Void Realms
  • Touch -> UI Profile - Classic.
  • Lower your render distance before going to player warps. Not all player warps are bedrock friendly and staff may not always be around to tp you out
  • Turn off Fancy Graphics

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