Bedrock Connections

Connecting on other Devices

Want to play at school or maybe play from your xbox or playstation? No worries, we got you covered! That's right, you can play voidrealms on any device as well be it nintendo switch, xbox, playstation, you name it! So long as you own minecraft for that device you can connect to our server using the same IP as always. The port is just the default bedrock port instead of java's port!


Since Voidrealms now officially supports Bedrock Connections, any bugs you run into can be reported on our discord or forums the same as normal! Please, please, please do report any issues you run into with java as we are constantly trying to fix any issues with bedrock and providing you all with smooth gameplay! We can't fix it if we aren't aware of the issues c:

Don't Java players get an unfair advantage?

On the contrary! We try to provide equal opprotunity for either player, in example since bedrock players are unable to build above the nether's roof due to a hardcoded limit, java players are also unable to build above the roof. We strive to make sure features are useable and fair for both java and bedrock!

Linking your Java & Bedrock accounts

You can now link your java account to a bedrock account so you can play your java account on the go, in your living room or whatever your preference is! Please keep in mind that any items on your bedrock account will not be transferred over when linked and you must transfer those items over first. We do not transfer account data like mcmmo levels, player ranks etc.
How do you link? - Login to the server on either account - Type /bedrocklink (or /linkaccount) and provide the username of the opposite account - Login with the second account and type /bedrocklink (First Account Name) (Code Given)
Example: Java Account: /bedrocklink *SkizzlesX Code is 1234 Bedrock Account: /bedrocklink ISkizzlesI 1234

Still struggling to login?

Are you still finding it difficult to login? Look no further, follow the videos below for an easy to follow tutorial on how to connect to bedrock enabled java servers!
Nintendo Switch

Misc Bedrock Settings Info

We recommend you use these tips to enhance your gameplay on Void Realms
  • Touch -> UI Profile - Classic.
  • Lower your render distance before going to player warps. Not all player warps are bedrock friendly and staff may not always be around to tp you out
  • Turn off Fancy Graphics
(if you have more recommendations feel free to make a suggestion or dm Solar#0603 on discord!)

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