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Using #Support

What Are Tickets?

Tickets are our discord support system designed to make supporting players on the server easier than ever before. There are multiple categories to choose from so as to make support faster and give you a format that fits your situation. Making tickets is fairly simple and makes both your life and staff life much easier so read on to learn more on how to create a ticket!

Where Do I Find Tickets?

Tickets can be found in the #support channel on our discord. It should be one of the highest channels you can find. Simply navigate your way there and you'll see a list of ticket categories to choose from!

How Do I Create A Ticket?

Simple! Just click on the reaction button below the category that best fits your issue. Not sure on how to tell which category fits your issue? No worries, keep reading and we'll explain more about each category!

Which Category Do I Select?

There are multiple categories to select from which at times can be confusing. So this guide will go more in-depth on how to select which category best fits the type of support you're looking for. Worst case if you do select the wrong category then a staff member will simply inform you and either have you create a new ticket or will carry on with the ticket depending on the circumstances.

General Support

If you just have a question you need answered or your issue doesn't really fit in the other categories then this is the place to go. The format provided is fit for a more general approach in order to provide the best/fastest support we can.

Player Reports

Please please please always report players via this ticket. DO NOT say anything about them publicly as this makes staff jobs much harder. If a player is aware a staff member is on to them they are much less likely to break the rules which yes is a good thing but it also means they think they can get away with behaving badly as long as a staff member ISN'T around.

In other words you would use this ticket to report players whether it be for hacking, breaking chat rules or harassing you. You can also report DM advertising here, which if you do please be sure to provide their discord ID.

Bug Reports

If you happen to run into a bug on the server or an exploit you would report it here. The format is meant to make sure you give us the most important information when reporting a bug so that we can smash those bugs as soon as possible. Just remember when reporting a bug to give as many details as you can. "I found a bug" or "There's a bug with tinkers" is not detailed. That doesn't explain what the bug is or how we can reproduce it. You may also get an item replacement from these tickets if you lost an item due to a server bug! It's not a guarantee however, it is up to the admin team on whether or not you'll get a replacement.

Payment Issues

Bought something in our store and didn't receive it? Your account got hacked and you need to transfer your rank? Make a payment issue ticket and we can look into it and discuss what we can do. It is important you make a payment issues ticket for your own safety as it will require sensitive information which I'm sure you don't want someone like a helper who just joined the team to view.

Now you understand the different categories so hopefully choosing which one when making a ticket is much easier. Please keep in mind to follow the WHOLE format when making a ticket, we would not ask you for information if it was not important. As for the Server: section of the format, please do not put "Voidrealms" or our IP. We know very well you are playing on voidrealms else you would not be making a ticket on your discord. We need to know which server you play on (Towny/Creative) so we can provide you better support.

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