Want to do something for the server? Read this to learn the different categories !

How to apply?

To apply you need to have an account on our website. Signing Up On Our Site (click the link to learn how to sign up for our site.) Read the lower categories to learn about our different roles! Then you would just click on one of those links or go to .

Dev Application

Want to create custom aspects for the server and work closely with other developers, admins, and the server owner, Skizzles? Join as a Developer. Even if you are an entry level developer our SrDevs help give insight on specific aspects of coding to create something great for the server!

Staff Application

Being on the Moderation team for Void Realms allows you to assist players more than you would be able to as a player. You make sure players are following the rules, and interact with the community. However the job comes with some responsibilities and some expectations. Such as being dedicated to staff duties, your activity, and the maturity level (while still having some fun !).

Media Application

Want to stream on the server and have your streams posted in the media channel for others to see? Apply for Media! Media artists direct videos, stream on the server & more! We just ask you to have at least 500 followers and to already have 1 video posted. After that we require 1 video/stream per week :)

Event Coordinator Application

Want to help plan those fun events you may have been participating in? As an Event Coordinator you can bring new ideas for events, movie nights, work alongside management to plan events, etc. As long as you can work well with others & you’re creative you can be an Event Coordinator!

Builder Application

Wanna be a Builder? We're always accepting applications, so come head on over! We help build all the spawns, warps, hub, and more for everyone to enjoy and use!

Wiki Editor

Wiki Editor allows you to work with other members of the editing team to create amazing guides to post on our wiki. As long as you've got good grammar, decent knowledge on at least one of our game modes and are willing to work with others you can become a wiki editor!

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