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Powered Tools & Equipment

Powered Tools and Equipment

These tools need to be charged to work. They can be charged by having them in hand and wearing a solar helmet, or they can be placed into the charging slot in an MFE, MFSU, or Charging Bench (a slimefun item, not LiteXpansion).

  • Glass Cutter - Instantly breaks glass.

  • Mining Drill - Breaks Stone-based blocks from pre=1.17 versions

  • Diamond Drill - Breaks all stone blocks, including later versions

  • Nano Blade - “Cuts through organic tissue with ease” does 14 half-hearts damage when turned on. It is enchantable and does 17 half-hearts damage with Sharpness V

  • Electric Chestplate - Uses Joules to negate all damage to player.

  • Food Synthesizer - When in your hand, it uses 5 Joules to feed you when your food meter drops below full. It checks every few seconds.

Created by Trynnon & GamingRabbit17

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