Brewery Info


  • Place a cauldron over a heat source (i.e. campfire or lit netherrack)
  • Fill the cauldron with water
  • Add ingredients with right click
  • Wait the correct time for the drinks to brew
  • Right click on the cauldron with glass bottles


  • Create a brewing stand
  • Use blaze powder to power the brewing stand
  • Place glowstone dust at the top to act as a filter
  • Put your fermented drinks in the potion slots and wait for them to distill!
Some drinks don’t need to be distilled!


  • A regular minecraft barrel can be used to age drinks
  • A Big Barrel and a Small Barrel (3D like versions of the vanilla barrel) can be used

Small Barrel

  • Use 8 wooden stairs (any wood type, multiple wood types needed for different brews)
  • Place a sign at the lower right corner of the barrel and write “barrel” or “Barrel”
  • When the words “barrel created” pop up in chat you created the barrel correctly. Destroying the sign removes the barrel you created.

Big Barrel

  • Use 5 Fences, 16 Wooden stairs, and 18 wood planks to build a barrel shape. Attach a fence at the front bottom of the barrel
  • Place a sign with the word “Barrel” or “barrel” at the front top of the barrel (if placed correctly you’d see “barrel created” in chat) Destroying the sign removes the barrel you created.
  • Every full minecraft day counts as one year the drinks are brewing
  • The type of wood can vary the brewing process
  • Long aged brews have stronger effects and can make the drunk level rise

Getting Drunk/Getting Sober: (drunk effects, drunk symptoms)

  • When getting drunk the player will experience loss of their controls (when they move forward they may move to the right or the left out of their control)
  • Effects like blindness, nausea, poison, etc. will occur
  • Chat text will be altered as well. When typing in chat you may experience your words come out as “tesht” or “teeest” when you try to type the word “test”. Talk in chat like *test* or like [test] so everyone can understand you easier.
  • When your drunk level reaches the max then you will vomit out soulsand. You will be unable to pick up the blocks and it disappears after a few seconds.

Brew Sealing

  • This allows you to seal your brewed drinks and making sure no one can tamper with it!
  • This also makes it possible for you to sell your brews in a chest shop for people to buy.
  • When sealing brews the sealed drinks don’t show the details of how it was brewed before
  • To create it you have to put two glass bottles above a 2x2 square of any wood type (similar to how you create a fletching table).

Created by : ploofydoofy