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Signing Up On Our Site

Here you'll learn how to register on our site ( so you can make suggestions and talk on our forums!

Getting Started

To get started with our incredibly easy registering system you first need to visit our website! Just go to and you'll be directed to our home page. Then if you look towards the top right of the site you'll find a button with the words "Register" imprinted on it. Click that and you'll find yourself on our registering page.
The process is fairly simple. For your nickname you can put any name you want to be known by, so if you want to be known as "SamuraiJack" go for it! However it's recommended to use a name at least similar to your minecraft username so it's easier to recognize you. Next you'll need to put your minecraft username (CASE SENSITIVE!!! Be sure to put it exactly how you would in say a voting website) so that our website can recognize you and give you your proper ranks and such (I.E. if you have Enchanter it will show up on the forums!). Finally put an email address (Put a proper one as you'll need that to verify later!) and then a secure password you'll use to sign in to your account from anywhere.
Once you set that up you'll need to agree to the terms and conditions and complete the captcha (Don't worry it's just a simple click the checkbox c:). You'll be sent an email to the email address you registered with, you'll need to find that email and click the link provided to sign up. Once you've done that congratulations you are all signed up and can login to your account to use our website at any time!

Benefits of Signing Up

Now that you're signed up... what do you do? You can do a lot you couldn't previously! Like sign up to become staff or make suggestions on our forums or even just using the forums (I.E. Introducing yourself or talking to others about some cool new thing you got on voidrealms).
You can also make bug reports or report players for abusing bugs or hacking as seen in the image to the right! (Note that although using the discord support system is faster, the website still has its benefits incase for example you get banned from discord and you still need open reports for issues. (On another note, you can also get banned from the website so don't do anything dumb there either otherwise you won't have anywhere to make reports))
No matter what you choose to do, now you have an account to do it! c:

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