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Chat Sync

Linking Your Discord & Minecraft

Before you can even begin to chat on minecraft through discord you first need to link your minecraft and discord accounts. You also get bonuses for doing this so I'd do it as soon as you can! If you're not sure on how to do it visit our How to Link guide!


Before you can chat with other players you need to choose the server you want to talk on and navigate your way to it. You can find all the channel underneath the category "Chat Sync". Each channel is named after the server you will be talking to. So if you want to talk to players on Aurora go to #aurora and simply type a message there.

Things to Note:

  • Our chat rules for minecraft still apply there. You may be on discord but you're talking on minecraft where players who are too young to use discord may be playing.
  • If your message is too long it will cut off. If it does cut off the bot will add two reactions beneath your message to let you know it cut off. Try to keep your messages somewhat short.
  • Color codes used on discord will not apply in the minecraft chat & you won't see it on the discord
  • Formatting code used on discord will not translate to the minecraft. So if you do *Hello everyone* it will show up as italics for you but everyone on minecraft will see "*Hello everyone*"
  • Emojis don't translate to minecraft
Now go and use your new found knowledge and talk to the community whether it be on discord or minecraft!

Created by CrystalNeko