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All Things UU-Matter

All things UU Matter

  • Recycler - Turns any item into scrap. 1 of any item = 1 scrap. It’s best to pick a very abundant resource such as cobblestone to feed your recycler because it takes a lot of scrap to make UU-matter. It takes several Recyclers to keep up with the needs of one Mass Fabricator.

  • Mass Fabricator - Converts scrap to UU-matter. This machine uses a massive amount of power (33,332 J/s) and it requires 200 scrap to make one UU-matter. It can take a very long time to make enough UU-matter for items because of the power requirements, until you can produce enough power to fully power it constantly. Recommendation: To start, it is advisable to have the Mass Fabricator on a separate power grid because otherwise it will steal all of the power from your grid, leaving all your other machines idle for lack of power. When you can produce enough power to provide for the 33,332 J/s of this machine + all of your other machines at the same time, then it makes sense to combine the grids.

  • UU Crafter - Automates the crafting of items from UU-matter. A simple workbench can craft the items manually. To work the UU Crafter, you populate the central grid with the recipe you want to make. Make sure to press the panel below the recipe to enable processing. When it is provided enough UU-matter, then it will automatically make the item indicated.

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