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Network Wide Leveling

This is a system where you gain exp just by playing the game normally and your level will show up in chat beside you! Everytime you hit a level milestone you'll gain some gems. Type /level in chat to get a better understanding of your level.

Statistics & what they mean

All statistics shown on your profile are server wide!
  • Level - Shows your current network (server-wide) level
  • Current XP - The amount of exp you gained from the moment you started till now
  • Required XP - The amount of XP required until the next level
  • Multiplier - YDetermines how much XP you'll get if you have a multiplier booster
  • Booster - Boosts your XP and allows you to level up faster
  • Blocks Broken/Placed/Walked - How many blocks you Broke/Placed/Walked while playing on the server
  • Kills/Deaths - Shows how many players you killed and how many times you’ve died on the server
  • Mobs Killed - How many mobs you killed while playing on the server
  • Fish Caught - How many fish you caught while playing on the server
  • Play Time - Your overall active playing time (This will not rise if you're sitting AFK)

Level Milestones

As mentioned before every time you hit a milestone you are rewarded with gems! The higher your level the higher you are rewarded gems. The milestones are every 5 levels, with big milestones being every 25 levels.

Network Gems

This means the gems you receive via the server or the store will be the same throughout all game modes. These gems can be used on the crates at /gems shop or /Warp Crates.
Gems are not tradable to avoid bad intentions via players on the server.

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