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Controlling Pings (Notifications)

Disabling @everyone and @here & More:

Before we get into controlling more specific aspects of the server. The very first thing we'll talk about is how to to control your notifications of the entire server all at once.
Find the server you want to edit the notifications for (In this case I'll be editing voidrealms) then right-click (for pc) or tap and hold (mobile devices) the server icon. You'll see a list of options, you'll want to click/tap "Notification Settings". You should see a menu similar to below. Now all you need to do is turn on "Suppress @everyone and @here" and you will never be pinged for those again! Note at the bottom you can select specific channels where you will still get pinged by @everyone and @here c:
Now we'll talk about the other options available.
  • All Messages
  • Only @mentions
  • Nothing
These settings refer to if you'll get a notification for those types of messages. For example on desktop if you have it set to only @mentions, anytime someone pings you or a role you own it will pop up the usual notification with the message you were pinged by. However all other messages will not pop up. This is generally the preferred setting as it can get messy in bigger servers if you have all messages on. Finally of course "Nothing" means you will not get any notifications for the server at all.
Do not be worried to mess with these settings as you will still get the white dot beside the server icon no matter which of those three you choose. They just won't notify you of it (Meaning no mobile notifications or/that annoying box that pops up on PC).

Suppress All Role @mentions

This refers to when someone pings a role you have. For example let's say you have a role "Sorcerer". If someone does @sorcerer you will be pinged. However if you supress it then you will no longer be pinged for it. The message will still show up in yellow in the chat however. This setting allows you to keep @mentions only on but not get pinged for when someone pings your role.

Mobile Push Notifications

If you have a phone connected to your discord then having this setting on means you'll see notifications pop up on your phone for this channel. These notifications will only be sent based on your settings above
Example of mobile push notification


Finally you can just go to the very top and mute the server. Discord has some timed options so if you just want to mute the server while you sleep you can choose something like mute for 8 hours. If the timed options don't fit your needs you can mute it until you turn it back on then turn it back on when you're ready c: Keep in mind if you mute the server no notifications will go through except pings and you will not see the white dot beside the server icon.
Another way to mute servers

Personal Notification Settings

You might think I should of put this first. I didn't because most users would come looking for how to mute the constant pings from all our updates to the server ;)
Anyway here you'll find out how to edit your own personal notification settings! These differ from server notifications as they affect your entire discord not just per server. For this guide I will only be going over the PC notifications settings as the mobile ones differ and should be fairly easy to figure out.
In the image above you will find several options for notifications. Read below to find out more on the various options.

Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications are the boxes that pop up on your screen when you're not focused on discord. If you hate those pop-ups I highly recommend shutting it off.

Enable Unread Message Badge

This is the red dot and number you'll see on the discord app in your taskbar. This is useful if you have desktop notifications off and your sound off.

Push Notification Inactive Timeout

This looks for when you stop chatting on discord. After so long it will start sending notifications to your phone based on the time you select in this setting. This is to avoid constant notifications if you're actively chatting on discord as the notification will just get instantly deleted since you're reading it anyway.

Text-To-Speech Notifications

Turning this on will have your discord speak to you anytime a notification pops up. It's honestly very annoying but I can see it uses.


And finally you have sounds. These are well .. sounds. You hear them depending on the actions listed below. If you hate a particular sound on discord you can most likely find it in the sounds section of your notifications and turn them off! Useful right?

Channel/Category Notifications

Finally it's time to go over more specific notifications. These notifications will allow you to keep a server unmuted but mute specific channels you don't read/gets too many messages. I highly recommend reading this as many users don't properly set-up their notifications so if they make a ticket asking for support, they don't realize we've answered their ticket.

Category Notifications

If you view the top image to the right you'll see the category notifications. All in all there's not much to see other than being able to mute it. This is very helpful however if you only want a specific section of the server unmuted (Like tickets). If you mute the category every channel under it will no longer send a notification or show the unread badge on the server. However if the channels themselves are unmuted they will still show up the unread badge which is nice.

Channel Notifications

These are much more specific and allow you the most precise control over your notifications. As you can see from the image on the right we still have the mute option, however now you can control which channels will send you notifications for all message or just pings. You can also of course set it to use server default meaning whatever settings you have setup for the server will be how the notifications for that channel behave. If you mute a channel it will go dark grey and you will no longer see the unread badge beside it. This is useful if you plan on never reading those channels ever as you won't have to keep marking them as read whenever a new message gets sent there.
I suggest using a combination of Category Notifications/Channel Notifications in order to better adjust your notifications and increase your enjoyment of the server!

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