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Do you think that your punishment was unfair? Make an appeal for another chance!

What is an appeal and when would I use it?

An appeal is a way to reverse/remove a previous punishment/decision of a staff member. For example if you believe you were wrongfully punished. If you believe you were wrongfully punished you would open an appeal and fill out the requirements. From there Admin+ would decide if the punishment was fair or unfair.

Where can I create one?

You need to already have an account on the website. Signing Up On Our Site (click the link to learn how to set up your account for our website). After you sign up head over to voidrealms.net/appeal continue to fill out the information required, submit, and await an admin's response. Appeals are processed when an Admin+ has time. Do not dm or @mention staff members asking when your appeal will be looked at.

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Last modified 6mo ago