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This plugin amps up the Minecraft mining experience with cool stuff. You stumble upon Fluxes while mining ores, these magical orbs that you can cash in for in-game money. Then there are Gemstones, each with its own quality that affects how much they're worth or can be used for buying cool upgrades. There's also a Refinery where you grind Mysterious Dust into useful goodies, and a whole Rune system where you summon Rune Guardians and collect custom Runes like treasure.
Oh, and don't forget Zeta – you earn it by smashing ores, and it's your shiny mining currency. Level up your mining skills and snag perks with the Mining Level & Skill Tree, and there's even end-game action with Oracles – tough bosses to battle. You can pimp your pickaxe with Vessels for special powers, and there's this new thing called Artifacts & Fossils – they drop while mining and give you epic loot.

Some commands that may be useful to you:

  • /mine artifacts - Identify artifacts & fossils
  • /mine help - Displays help commands for the plugin
  • /mine journal - Detailed overview of the plugin
  • /mine menu - Access each of these commands without typing it
  • /mine shop - Sell gemstones, fluxes, & artifacts
  • /mine singularity - Offers upgrades in exchange for rune guardian rune drops
  • /mine stats - Shows your pyromining statistics
  • /mine vessels - Helps unsealing any completed vessels
  • /mine zeta - Displays how much zeta you currently have

Created by soolar__