Idle Miner Bot

Getting Started

Before you can start playing with the bot you need to know and understand what a prefix is. A prefix is a symbol that goes before a command in order to prompt the bot to do something. In voidrealm's case the prefix for idle miner is . You would simply put the . before any command and the bot will try to do the command. The first command I recommend checking out is .help where you can get a lot of information on the various commands idle miner has. You can also check out the image to the right where you'll see the help menu from the bot.


Now that you know how to prompt the bot, it's time to learn how to play. There are a few things to know first: 1. You have a backpack and a pickaxe. The backpack holds x amount of items which you can sell for money. The pickaxe mines items and places them in your backpack automatically over time. This means you need to check back often to sell your items before your backpack fills or you lose out on items you could of gotten 2. Using money you upgrade your backpack and pickaxe. Upgrading the backpack you can hold more items meaning you can afk for longer. Upgrading your pickaxe means you mine faster meaning you can sell more often and will make more money in the same amount of time as before you upgraded your pickaxe. Upgrading these two things is the most important part of the game 3. There is a "max" level of 200 each to upgrading your backpack and pickaxe, once you have achieved this max level you can rebirth. Rebirthing is the 2nd most important part of feature of the game as you cannot progress without it. Once you have gotten so many rebirths you can then restart for prestiges which is where the real game starts
Okay, enough about explaining the features of the game... how do I actually use this bot? You have a few important commands:
  • .backpack - Allows you to see how full your backpack is
  • .upgrade - Allows you to spend money to upgrade your backpack/pickaxe (.upgrade backpack amount | .upgrade pickaxe amount)
  • .sell - sells everything in your backpack for money
  • .pickaxe - views the stats of your pickaxe (how fast you mine etc)
Using these commands you now know the very basics to using the bot.


Despite being minigames these are very important to your progression. There are currently 3 minigames at the time of writing this, hunting, fishing and quizzes. You can do each minigame every 5 minutes. Below will be a more detailed explanation of each minigame.


Hunting is the most important minigame you can do. Everytime you use the hunt command (.hunt) you will go out looking for a random mob to make your pet. Pets give you very important boosts such as increased mining speed, sell bonuses, increased backpack capacity and some even have special abilities. Even if you don't use the other 2 minigames at least be sure to do this minigame as often as possible or else you will progress very slowly.


Fishing isn't as important but it does give you a nice boost. Every time you fish you have a chance to obtain treasure, this can be shards which are used to upgrade your pets or crates which can give you boosters to help speed up the game. Everytime you fish you gain 1 exp which is used towards levelling up. When you level up the chance to get treasure is increased. Currently the max level is very low however the developer of the bot is planning a fishing overhaul later on. Use the command .fish to get started.


Quizzes are trivia questions about the game Minecraft. Answer them sucessfully and you get a free crate you can open for boosters. That's pretty much all there is to quizzes, you don't lose anything if you get it wrong except you have to wait 5 minutes for another chance to get a free crate. Use the command .quiz to get start.


A very important part of the game. Without pets progress would be very slow and would likely take you days to rebirth in later stages of the game. There are different rarities of pets and each rarity gives a different type of boost. You can also upgrade these pets to increase their boost. The upgrade cost never goes up it is a set amount for each rarity. To the right you will see an image with all the possible pets and each rarity. You can also use .pets help to view this menu on discord.


Pets of this rarity will increase backpack space. Along with uncommon these are going to be one of the pets you want to upgrade the most.


Pets of this rarity will increase mining speed. These are the pets you should upgrade the most.


Pets of this rarity will increase sell price. It is okay to upgrade these but don't spend too much shards on them


Pets of this rarity will increase the effectiveness of other pets. These are also okay to upgrade but spend even less on these than you would on rare.


These pets decrease the total cost of upgrading backpack/pickaxe and pets. Do not spend any shards on these


The rarest type of pets. These have special abilities you can activate every 5 minutes like x2 sell price for a short time or x2 mining speed for a short time. Again do not spend any shards on these.


There are tons of crates you can redeem such as an hourly crate, daily crate etc. These will give you various boosters that you can use to boost the game. Feel free to use the smaller boosters any time but it's recommended to use the big boosters during global boosts. Global boosts are bought with irl money by someone and gives everyone a boost to their game for a limited time. They stack with personal boosters so saving up your big boosts can really speed you up during these times. Use the .booster command to view your boosters.


Once you finally reach level 200 in both your backpack and your pickaxe you can rebirth! Every rebirth gives you a small buff in sell price and every 3 rebirths you go to a new "mine" which has new blocks. Unfortunately you lose all your money and your backpack/pickaxe upgrades upon rebirthing. However you keep all your boosters/crates/pets and shards.


You can create or join a guild in which you can gather 10 members total! The total amount of rebirths between all players in the guild will give you a higher sell bonus. The max sell bonus you get from a guild goes up with prestiging which will be explained better later on. In a guild you can tackle on guild bosses which lose hp as you rebirth. You can get a reward from the boss such as a guild crate or a decent amount of shards!


The most important feature in the game: Prestiging. Once you prestige for the first time that is where the real game starts. Upon prestiging you lose everything, pets, shards, boosters, crates (Excluding guild crates and vote crates) and more ... all to gain a new currency. This currency is used in the prestige shop to buy various upgrades to boost yourself up making prestiging faster and faster each time. You also get a couple other things when you prestige but I'll let you discover that on your own - can't spoil everything now can we?

Created by CrystalNeko