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Nitro Boosting

Custom Emojis

Looking for a certain emoji on the server but you're just not seeing it? Well you can suggest the server to add it OR if you nitro boost we will add a custom emoji of your choice. You get a custom emoji for every nitro boost to the server! So if you boost 5 times you get 5 emojis added to the server. Just open a general support ticket (If you're not sure how check out our Using #Support!), supply us with the image you want to be an emoji and tell us what name you want it to have. Keep in mind the image has to be under 256 mb in size to be used as an emoji.


For boosting you get access to /kit booster. You can claim it once a month & you receive 3 Uncommon keys & 2 Rare Keys.

Created By: CrystalNeko