Cobble, Nether, & End Generators

Cobble, Nether & End Generators

A ... cobblestone generator article? Yep! Skyfactory has custom generators designed to help progress as well obtain various blocks and resources. This article will teach you how to make those as well as the rates of resources, price of upgrades and finally how many levels there are!

Cobblestone Generator

Let's cover all our bases! In order to make a cobblestone generator you'll need some water and lava just like normal. Incase you aren't aware, water flows faster than lava in the overworld so in order to avoid your lava being turned into cobble or obsidian, you'll need to make a hole beneath the flowing water (NOT THE SOURCE BLOCK) so it does not flow any further. This means lava will flow forward and once it does it will generate a block! In the picture to the left you can see one of my favorite generator designs as this lets you break two blocks at once and allows two players to use the generator with only one lava source. Can also be expanded to 4 players!

Cobblestone Generator Rates

Nether Generator

Nether Generator! You have to make this in your nether using blue ice, soul soil, and lava. This time you don't have to worry about a hole, just put blue ice down with lava running into it & a soul soil down in-between to generate the various resources you can get from the nether. Just like the overworld, this generator has it own set of upgrades as well as it's own resources you can find such as quartz or even ancient debris!
If you try to pair this up with a harvester just remember that harvesters have to be chunk loaded to continue working, so if you're not in your nether dimension your harvester will not collect goods.

Nether Generator Rates

End Generator

Just like with the overworld generator you just make a normal cobblestone generator! Remember to keep that hole beneath the flowing water else your lava will not be happy and neither would you be I'm guessing.
This generator needs to be built in your end dimension (You can find the end portal in your nether once you expand your island border once!) and just like the nether generator it has various resources that you can't find in the other generators!

End Generator Rates

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