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Creative Shop Guide

Welcome to the Creative shop guide! This guide will teach you the basics of how to use the Creative shop so you can enjoy it as much as possible!

The shop in Creative has 3 categories:

  • The first option is the head shop! You can purchase various heads skinned differently in order to decorate your plots. You can make fruit trees, use them to look like potted plants, put them on armor stands or anything you dare to imagine! More information found below.
  • The second option has yet to be released and this will be updated with more information upon release c: Look forward to it!
  • Finally we have the permissions shop! This is explained more down below but basically you can buy a permission which will give you access to multiple commands. You buy them using gems which you can obtain from voting!

Head Database:

Here you can purchase various heads as mentioned. Each head in the main menu of the HDB is a category. You can explore these categories if you're not entirely sure what you're looking for.
At the very bottom are some special categories.
  • Holiday: On the very left is the holiday heads. At the time of writing this it is close to christmas so it displays christmas heads for me.
  • Seasonal: There are 4 seasons a year, spring, summer, winter, fall. You will find a different category here based on the season.
  • Recently Added: Finally we have Recently Added. The HDB is constantly being updated with new heads for your enjoyment! You can find new heads added to HDB here. Can be fun to delve into as you may just find something interesting
Finally you have the compass in the very bottom right. You can use this compass to search for something more specific to fit your needs. In example I can search pokemon and it will bring up a list of heads that have the tag "Pokemon".

The Permissions:

In the permissions shop there are a bunch of features to buy, each item represents a permission you will get after buying, eg. “gobrush“ group, if you bought that group it will give you certain commands for gobrush.
Once you buy a group it will be displayed as a barrier block to let you know you've already purchased it.
Remember you can get gems from voting. These features are totally optional but added for those out there who would enjoy them!

How to get Money/Gems:

Money: To get money you simply need to place blocks on you or your friend’s plot.
Gems: You get gems through voting for the server, if you voted and there is a voteparty you will also gain gems through that.
That's all you need to know about the shop! Check it out and enjoy your time on the server. If you still have any questions feel free to ask a staff member online (Helper - Mod) or if no staff are availabe feel free to open a general support ticket on our discord!

Created by Crazeh_x & Asriel_dmr Reworked by CrystalNeko