Skyblock Starters Guide

Skyblock Starters Guide

Welcome to Skyfactory!. This gamemode features a variety of new plugins and options, allowing you to do much more with your island. Keep reading to learn how to start out!

Starting Out

To begin with a new island, simply type /island create. You can choose between Hard and Easy for a starter island.
Typically, you’d want to make a crafting table and slabs so that you can expand your island platform.
Tip: Light up your platform or use half-blocks to prevent mobs from spawning!

Cobble Gens

A very important structure in Skyfactory is a cobble generator, used to collect cobble. In skyfactory, various Slimefun machines are used to make a cobble gen; all are found in the Slimefun Guide, under "Basic Machines."

How do you get water and lava?

You will need:
  • A Slimefun Composter
  • A Slimefun Crucible
  • A Slimefun Compressor
  • A Slimefun Grind Stone
  • 2 Buckets
  • 528 (8 stacks and 16) Leaves
Tip: Break leaves using the enchanted shears given by completing quests


  1. 1.
    With the remaining 8 stacks of leaves, right-click the Composter with the leaves in your hand. Each click consumes 8 leaves and will yield 1 dirt. Altogether, you will get 64 dirt.
  2. 2.
    Insert the 64 dirt into the Grind Stone. Right-click the oak fence and you should hear a clicking sound. Keep clicking until all 64 dirt have been turned into stone chunks.
  3. 3.
    Transfer all of the stone chunks to the Compressor. Right-click the nether fence until all the stone chunks have been used. For every 4 stone chunks, you get 1 cobble. In total, you will yield 16 cobble.
  4. 4.
    With 16 cobble in your hand, right-click the Crucible. Wait for a bit, and lava will start to appear on the top of the Crucible.
  5. 5.
    When the lava reaches about a block tall, use a bucket to collect it.


  1. 1.
    With 16 leaves in your hand, right-click the Crucible. Wait for a bit, and water will start to appear on the top of the Crucible.
  2. 2.
    When the water reaches about a block tall, use a bucket to collect the water.
Tip: You have access to /is upgrade which will upgrade your cobble gen so that it spawns in new ore types and current ore types more commonly!

What is Tinkers?

  • Tinker tools allow you to level up tools and armor, and add modifiers to enhance them. Tinkers is a custom made addon to slimefun and can therefore be found in the Slimefun guide!
  • To create tinker tools, you will need a tinkers table to create and enhance your tools. The tinker table is an oak slab on top of a dispenser. Just put the recipe in there, click the slab, wait for a moment and collect your tool!
  • Once you use it, the xp bar of the tool starts rising, at max your tool will level up! Levelling up gives your tool a free modifier slot and a 20% chance to add a free modifier!
  • You can add modifiers by putting your tool in the first slot of the tinker table, the material in the second slot and then clicking the slab!
  • Want to know what modifiers you can add? Click the Tinkers Modifiers section of your slimefun guide.
Tip: Vote on all 8 sites and earn one vote key per site! /vote Redeem your keys at /warp Crates

Ranks (Karma)

Our ranks system is based off of Slimefun’s Karma. You get Karma by killing mobs; certain mobs give higher karma values.
You can CHOOSE between the positive and negative karma path. Whichever path you choose, your perks will be the same. Increasing your Karma will unlock important commands, such as /is settings or /is upgrade.
Check out /warp Karma for more information.
Tip: Make a natural mob farm to farm karma!


Using /shop is a great way of selling things to earn money or buying items that you need. Almost every vanilla item can be bought and sold here.
Tip: Find things you can farm and sell. Then you can earn a lot of money!

Entering Mid-Game

Now that you have an overview of Skyfactory's features, you are now ready to explore more of the game on your own. Use Slimefun, invite friends to your island, and race to the top. Good luck!

Created by NotSoCuteAsian