Creative Starter Guide

This article will teach you how to start off and use basic commands on the Creative server!

Claiming your first plot

In order to claim a plot, you will have to type the command /plot auto. You will then automatically get assigned to a free plot as close as possible to spawn. This is now your very first plot! You can repeat this process as long as you have a free slot for a plot, which is shown in the sidebar. The amount of plots you can have depends on your donor rank. Alternatively, you can also fly around and search for a free plot and then claim it with the usange of /plot claim. After claiming your plot, you can always get back to it by using /plot h [number]. Remember that you always have to use the full /plot as /p is used by our chat system.

Giving permissions to your plot

You can edit the permissions of who can build on your plot, and even kick or ban people that are standing in your way from your plot! To grant someone permission to build on your plot, you can just type /plot add [player] or /plot trust [player] while standing on the plot to add them on. Trust will give them permanent access even while the owner is offline, while adding someone only makes them able to build while the owner is online. This can be inversed by doing /plot remove [player]. If someone is standing in your way or annoying you, you can just use /plot kick [player] or /plot deny [player] to temporarily or permanently deny players access to your plot. You can find who is added and denied by doing /plot info!

Merging Plots

Is one plot not enough space to build on? You can merge plots together to make them bigger! To do so, you just need to have the 2 plot that need to be merged claimed, then stand in one of them and type /plot merge while looking into the direction of the other. Your plots will then be merged and the road in between will vanish! The merged plots will still take up the amout of base plots towards your limit though!

Clearing and Deleting plots

If you are not happy with what you built or just want a free plot to claim one next to a friend, there is always the possibility to clear or delete your plot. The difference between these two is that clearing just resets the plot back to default, while deleting removes you as the owner as-well. This can be done by using /plot clear or /plot delete, and always needs to be confirmed by doing /plot confirm. Make sure you don't have anything on there you want to keep, as this action is irreversible.

Money and Gem

Money and gems are the two currencies on the creative server. While money is earned by just placing and breaking blocks, gems are earned over the daily bonus or voting. With money you can buy decorative heads and with gems you can buy permission packs in the /shop. If you want more info about the creative shop make sure to visit the guide about it (Link)!


WorldEdit is one of the features of the creative server! With using WorldEdit it gets easier to build and design huge areas of land or really anything you wish. The very basic WorldEdit commands are unlocked from the beginning, while the rest of them have to be unlocked by buying permission packs in the /shop! There is also a limitation to the amount of blocks you can WorldEdit, which is dependent on your donor rank!

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