Player Warps

Player warps allow you to create customizable server warps for people to teleport to be it for a shop, a mob grinder, a cool build or anything else.

Player Warps

Typing /pwarp in game will bring up a menu similar to this one here, mousing over the icons will let you read a description about that pwarp and clicking it will teleport you to that pwarp.

Creating a Pwarp

In order to create your own pwarp you’ll need to be standing in the exact spot you want the warp to be at, and then type /pwarp create pwarpname i.e. /pwarp create Example.
Then, to edit that pwarp, type /pwarp edit pwarpname i.e. pwarp edit Example.
That will bring up a gui menu with 4 options, pwarp material, pwarp price, public warp, and pwarp description.

Editing The Material

First, the material. Click on the Edit Material option, then type in chat the material you want your pwarp to appear as in the /pwarp gui using underscores for spaces i.e. typing Iron_Block will change the material icon to an iron block. Alternatively you can type /pwarp setitem warpname item to do the same thing.

Editing The Price

Second is pwarp price. Click on the Edit Price option and type in chat the amount you would like to charge players to teleport to your pwarp if you want. Alternatively you can type /pwarp setprice warpname price for the same effect. i.e. /pwarp setprice example 100 will make teleporting to the Example warp cost $100.

Making Your Pwarp Public

Third is the public option. Your pwarp is private by default and must be toggled to public. In order for a pwarp to be eligible to be made public it must have a description set.

Editing Your Pwarp Description

And fourth is the edit description option. Click the Edit Description option in the gui and type out a short description of what your pwarp is for. There is a character limit for the description so you’ll want to keep it short. Alternatively you can type /pwarp description warpname description text for the same effect. i.e. /pwarp description Example this is an example pwarp.

Created by Spitehole