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Builder Wands

If you want to know how to obtain builder wands or how to use them, you have come to the right place!

Types of Builder Wands and obtainability

At the moment there are 4 different tiers of builder wands that are all obtainable from different crates. Each tier is obtained from a different crate with a 1% chance, with the tier of the builder wand being higher in more expensive crates. The higher the tier of a builder wand is, the more uses and range it will have. The tier of a builder wand is also seen by the material it is made of, ranging from stone to diamond. These are the currently available builder wands:
  • Voters Builder Wand: Vote Crate, 50 Uses, 10 Range
  • Reinforced Builder Wand: Vote Crate, 100 Uses, 12 Range
  • Strengthened Builder Wand: Vote Crate, 200 Uses, 14 Range
  • Fortified Builder Wand: Vote Crate, 300 Uses, 16 Range

Usage of Builder Wands

To use builder wands, you need to right click one of the sides of a block with it. The wand will then build the amount of blocks it should place on the side you clicked on and consume 1 use. It will always use the material of the block clicked on to build. If you don't have sufficient materials in your inventory, it will place the remaining blocks down and then tell you it doesn’t have enough of a certain block, so make sure you always have sufficient resources when building with them!

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