Karma is a crucial part of the game, as it grants different permissions and features. In this guide we are going to talk about how to obtain karma, karma ranks and what features it has.

How to obtain Karma

Karma crystals drop from their respective mobs with a low percent chance. They can only be obtained by player kills. Each mob only has a chance to drop a karma crystal, a small one and then a larger one at a lower chance.
Karma crystals can be used by shift-right clicking while holding the crystals. There are 2 different types of karma. Positive Karma is displayed as nether stars, while negative karma is displayed as dragon eggs. The different paths of karma only have cosmetical differences (the color). On death, you will lose 5% of your current karma towards 0

Karma Ranks

In the picture below, the respective karma ranks can be seen.
Unlocking higher karma ranks allows you to use certain commands and features. On Skyfactory this includes several useful /island commands such as /is biome, the ability to stack certain mineral blocks for island level and most importantly, /is fly. All the permissions and features unlocked by karma ranks can be seen at /warp karma (Skyfactory). Karma is not lost on player vs player kills.

Crafting Recipes with Karma

Positive and negative karma crystals can be transformed into each other using the enhanced crafting table and purification powder / corruption powder. Purification powder is made out of 8 bones in an o shape in a magic workbench, and can transform a negative crystal into a positive one if put in a plus shape around a negative crystal as displayed below.
Corruption powder is made out of 8 rotten flesh and does the same from positive to negative. Karma crystals can be combined using the Magic workbench (1 > 9 > 81 > 729)

Immortal / Eternal Rank

The immortal & Eternal ranks are the most prestigeous karma ranks on the whole server. To obtain it, you will have to obtain 10 million positive or negative karma. At the moment, it only grants small perks like changing your island biome to the nether, more minion slots, or stacking netherite blocks. More features will be added to it soon though! It also comes with a cool tag, which you can show off to other players.

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