Interested on how to level up more things in pyromining?

What is a singularity?

Singularities are your skill upgrades. The singularity menu allows you to upgrade Requium Exp, Rune Drop Chances, Oracle Damage, Cheaper Upgrades, & More Zeta.

How do you get these upgrades?

To get the upgrades mentioned above and below you need to kill rune guardians and get their runes. You will then be able to use the requested runes mentioned in the gui (hover over the enchantment table). After you click and use those runes you will gain 1 skill point which you can put into any category you please.

Requium Progress

This upgrade gives more Requium XP for every Thrall that you kill.

Rune Drop Chance

This upgrade raises your chances of getting a drop from a rune guardian

Oracle Damage

Cheaper Upgrades

This upgrade makes all upgrades cheaper! Therefore you can spend less Zeta for more upgrades!

More Zeta

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