TransEndence Guide

When you want to get yourself powerful and permanent potion buffs, this is the right guide for you!


  • A claim in The End

  • High energy production that is not produced by solar panels

  • Automated Blistering Ingot production

  • Automated Wither Killing

  • A functioning cargo system is heavily recommended


  • Quirps: Come in 4 different spins, used as a crafting ingredient

  • Horizontal / Vertical Polarizer: Used to increase the chance of getting the respective spin of a Quirp in the Quirp Oscillator.

  • Quirp Condensates: Used to stabilize Unstable Ingots

  • Unstable Ingots: Needed as a crafting ingredient, will kill you after a certain amount of ticks and then disappear (Warning: The amount of ticks are randomized, they could instantly kill you! It is recommended to use Cargo to transport them!)

  • Stable Ingot / Stable Block: Main crafting ingredient of Daxis

  • Nether Essence / Condensed Nether Essence / Pure Nether Essence: Compressed nether stars, used as a crafting ingredient

  • Zots: Main ingredient for Daxis, come in 4 different spins and need to be charged

  • Daxis: The main goal of this addon. There are 5 different types of daxis, each granting you a unique strong potion buff until you die.


  • Nanobot Crafter: Multiblock machine, used to do all the basic crafting recipes of the addon

  • Quirp Oscillator: Harvests Quirps from the void

  • Quirp Annihilator: Uses 2 opposite quirps (up + down / left + right) to create Quirp Condensates

  • Quirp Cycler: Rotates Quirps clockwise

  • Stabilizer: Turns Unstable Ingots and Quirp Condensates into Stable Ingots

  • Zot Overloader: Charges Zots using Quirps

  • Quirp Scatterer: Produces Energy using Quirps (Warning: Harvesting Quirps and instantly scattering them gives no energy gain)

Some important information:

  • Some of the machines need to be in the End to work. This is why it is recommended that the whole system is set up in the End

  • Unstable Ingots will kill you after a certain amount of ticks which is randomized, leading you to die and the ingots disappearing from your inventory. This is why a cargo system is not necessarily required, but it can be used to transport around the Unstable Ingots and prevent you from dying.

  • Before you start off with this addon, make sure you have sufficient supplies, as one daxi will cost around 6k nether stars and 133k coal to craft. It can be really annoying starting things off and then realizing you don't have all the required materials.

The addon goal:

The end goal of TranscEndence is to gather all 5 daxis. These give you different potion effects that stay permanently until you die. Upon death, you will get back 8 Stable Blocks per active daxi effect, meaning you will only need to craft and charge the zots again and use one extra stable ingot for the daxi recipe. Daxis come in 5 different forms, and their recipes are only different by the rotation of the zots.

  • Daxi (S) - grants Strength 3 - Zot spin: up (red)

  • Daxi (A) - grants Absorption 5 - Zot spin: down (yellow)

  • Daxi (F) - grants Resistance 4 - Zot spin: left (green)

  • Daxi (H) - grants Saturation - Zot spin: right (blue)

  • Daxi (R) - grants Regeneration - Zot spin: 1 of each kind

The process of getting the Daxis:

Raw material counts required for 1 Daxi:

  • 65 diamond blocks

  • 260 uranium

  • 133.120 coal (2080 stacks)

  • 520 flint

  • 260 glass panes

  • 6092 nether stars

  • 4032 of the respective quirp type

  • 260 quirp condensate

Step 1: Obtaining Quirps

Quirps are obtained by placing a Quirp Oscillator in the End and supplying it with energy. The Quirp Oscillator then automatically starts collecting quirps of random spins. If you want to increase the chance of it collecting quirps of certain spins, you can put a vertical / horizontal polarizer in its first slot. The quirps should then be pulled out of the Quirp Oscillator by using a cargo system, as they stop producing quirps if they are full. Optionally, quirps of different spins should be sorted into separate chest using advanced output nodes, as not sorting them will make you use the overview of how many of each you have.

Step 2: Creating Quirp Condensates

Using the Quirp Annihilator, 2 corresponding quirps can be turned into Quirp Condensates using energy. This means that you either have to put one quirp up and one quirp down or one quirp left and one quirp right in the Quirp Annihilator, which will then produce one Quirp Condensate out of them. This process - once again - does not require anything but energy.

Step 3: Crafting Unstable Ingots

Each unstable ingot will require 4 blistering ingots, 1 diamond block and one of each quirp spin. They will be crafted in the Nanobot Crafter. This is one of the most expensive parts towards obtaining the daxi, as we will need 65 unstable ingots for one daxi, furthermore having to use 260 blistering ingots. This is the part where we will use up all our coal, flint and glass panes to create carbonado for the blistering ingots. We also have to use the uranium and 260 nether stars to create these ingots. Having blistering ingots automated will make your life a lot easier, but not having it will also be fine. WARNING: Don’t take the unstable ingots out of the machine, they will most likely kill you and disappear if you die from them

Step 4: Turning Unstable Ingots to Stable Ingots

To turn unstable ingots into stable ingots, you will have to use the Stabilizer. To avoid the risk of losing the unstable ingots, these should be moved from the Nanobot Crafter to the Stabilizer by using a cargo system. The stabilization of the unstable ingot will be a 4-step process, each of them requiring a quirp condensate and increasing the stability by 25%. After 4 steps, the ingots will be stable and can be taken out of machines and carried around without any danger.

Step 5: Compressing Nether Stars and creating Stable Blocks

To craft the stable blocks of which 8 are required to craft the daxi, you will need 8 Pure Nether Essence, which are basically triple compressed nether stars. To compress Nether stars, you have to put one of them in each slot of the Nanobot Crafter. If you do this 3 times, you will obtain Pure Nether Essence, which is worth a total of 729 nether stars. You will need 8 of these and 64 of the stable ingots created in the previous step to now craft 8 stable blocks.

Step 6: Crafting and Charging Zots

Using a stable block and 8 quirps of the same spin, zots of the spin used can be crafted in the Nanobot Crafter. For obtaining one daxi, you will either need 4 zots of the same type or 1 of each type, depending on the type of daxi you want to craft. Now we have to charge the zots using the Zot Overloader. In the left slot you put the zot you want to charge. Chargin zots requires quirps, these can be put into the machine in the 4 slots on the left. The charge on the zots will go up by consuming these quirps. If the consumed quirps have the same spin as the zot, the ratio will be 1:1, if the quirps have a different spin the ratio will be 16:1. Once the zot is at 1000/1000 charge, it can be used to finally obtain the goal as an ingredient for the daxi.

Step 7: Obtaining the Daxi and activating it

Now that you have all the final ingredients (4 stable blocks, 4 1000/1000 zots, 1 stable ingot), you are finally able to craft your daxi in the Nanobot Crafter. You can then activate it by right-clicking it. Congratulations, you now have obtained the hardest obtainable item in the game, so enjoy using its buffs!

Created by marvjosh