Network Basics

Network Basics

To learn the basics of a network system read below

What is a Network?

At its core, a network is a series of blocks connected to one another.

Any block in a Network, when placed next to another, will extend the Network's range.

Any item inside (or exposed to) the Network can be 'seen' by any other Network block. This means that if you have a Cobblestone stack in a Network Cell, it can be seen in a grid and pushed with network pushers.

Item Deposit/Withdrawal

Item Deposits/Withdrawals are single, shared methods used by any Network Node wanting to get an item out of/into the Network, which implies items are always withdrawn/matched in the same way.


Items will always search the network for Deep Storage first (blocks exposed by a Network Monitor). It will not enter a deep storage if it has not yet been 'set' to a block type or has no items in it. If you have two deep storage units with the same item, the one chosen is at random/arbitrary.

If no suitable deep storage is found, the Network will look for any Nebulous Storage available (Network Cells etc.). The Network will first look for a matching item stack and fill it to capacity (repeating as necessary) before placing what is left in a random/arbitrary free slot.


If necessary, items will be withdrawn from multiple sources at once to meet the required amount.

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