GPS & More

GPS & More Guide

If you are struggling to set up your Oil Pump or GEO Miner, or you want to know what features this slimefun section has, this is the right guide for you!


  • GPS Teleporter Pylon

  • GPS Teleporter Matrix

  • GPS Activation Device (Shared / Personal)

Utility & Tools:

  • (Advanced / Carbonado / Energized) GPS Transmitter

  • GPS Control Panel

  • GPS Marker Tool

  • GPS Emergency Transmitter

  • Elevator


  • GPS Geo-Scanner

  • Oil Pump

  • GEO Miner

Signal Strength / Network Complexity

The network complexity / signal strength determines how strong a gps network is. Both of these terms mean similar things, with signal strength being the amount of network complexity generated by a single transmitter and network complexity being the total of all signal strengths.

Signal strength can be generated by placing down gps transmitters that are being supplied with energy. The amount of signal strength a gps transmitter generates depends on two factors. The first thing is the tier of the transmitter. Higher tiered gps transmitters need a larger amount of energy, but generate more signal strength in return. Crafting higher tier gps transmitters will always be worth it in comparison to its components! The second factor is on which y-level the transmitter is placed. Placing gps transmitters higher up in the air and supplying them with energy will reward you with a higher signal strength!

A very helpful tool for this is the gps control panel. Although it is not mandatory for your network, it will be very helpful to provide an overview about all your gps transmitters and their signal strengths.

Setting up the GEO Miner / Oil Pump

For using your geo miner and oil pump, you will have to set up a geo scan first. For that, you will need a geo scanner and a network complexity of over 600. If you then right-click the geo scanner, it will scan the chunk and show you the resources available in its interface. Once the chunk is scanned, any resources in the chunk can be harvested using the geo miner and the oil pump (Note: The oil pump requires buckets to work). The geo scanner can be removed after the chunk has been scanned, it will then have no effect on the resource gaining process. Once all the resources in the chunk have been mining, the machines will stop working and can be broken and placed in another chunk. Be aware that once all the resources in a chunk are harvested, there are no possibilities to recover them!

Both the teleporter menu as well as the control panel menu. As you can see theres not much difference beyond the top bit.

Here we're hovering over a waypoint named "Mob Grinder". When selected it will teleport us to those coordinates specified

Waypoints & Teleporters

With the help of gps you are able to set up teleporters! The teleporter itself is a multiblock out of a gps teleporter matrix surrounded by 8 gps teleporter pylons, with a gps activation device on top of the matrix (as shown in the picture on the side). If you want the teleporter to only be available for yourself, you should use a personal activation plate, if you want it to be available for everyone, you should use a shared activation device. To teleport to a certain location, you will have to have set a waypoint there first. This can either be done with the help of the gps marker tool, which will create a waypoint at the location placed. You can then name that waypoint in chat (Note: Color codes are supported). A waypoint can also be created on seath when using a gps emergency transmitter, which can be very helpful to not lose items on death. You can view and delete waypoints in the gps control panel. When stepping on the activation device, a menu will be opened, where you can select a waypoint to teleport to. The time will depend on how far the waypoint is away and in which dimension it is!

Elevator Plates

Elevator plates are a very helpful feature when trying to change between different levels of houses and / or bases. When stepping onto them, they will open a menu showing all of the different elevator plates you can teleport to. You will need to place down an elevator plate for each level, so make sure you have enough of them! You are also only able to teleport to other plates which are directly over each other, so watch that they have the same x and z coordinate!

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