Automated Electromagnets

Automated Electromagnets

Electromagnets are used for basically every slimefun machine, so in this guide we will show you how to automate them!

This guide requires Cargo management to complete, see cargo management! for an example

List of Items/Requirements:

  • A source of cobblestone (Harvester or Cobblestone Generator)

  • 1 Electrified Crucible

  • 1 Vaporizer

  • Automated Dust (Link)

  • Automated Redstone (Spawners)

  • 3 Electric Ingot Factories (Any Tier)

  • 3 Electric Smelteries (Any Tier)

  • 2 Auto-Crafters (Enhanced)

  • 11 Input Nodes

  • 11 Advanced Output Nodes

Step 1: Automating Cobblestone

In order to begin automating electromagnets, you will have to ensure you have a constant supply of cobblestone. To do so, you will have to set up a miner harvester next to a cobblestone generator, so it will start mining the blocks and those will regenerate. Link your harvester by putting an input node on it, which will then start to transport the materials to the places we will need them at later!

On Survival there is no special cobblestone generator so you'll have to either manually grind for redstone or automate it with grinders like witch grinders!

Step 2: Automating Sulfate

For automating sulfate, you will need the first 2 machines, the electrified crucible and the vaporizer! Supply the electrified crucible with 16 buckets and the cobblestone from step 1! It will now produce lava buckets, send those to the vaporizer, where each lava bucket will be turned into 16 sulfate. These will later be used to craft batteries in step 4! Use the cargo nodes to also return the empty buckets from the vaporizer to the electrified crucible, else your system will clog and not work properly anymore!

Step 3: Automating All Required Ingots

Some of the next required steps to craft electromagnets will need zinc, copper and iron ingots. In order to automate them, use the 3 electric ingot factories and put one of those three dust types in each of the output nodes. The dusts will now be smelted and turned to ingots, so we will be able to use them later! Remember to put the input node on the ingot factory for copper and zinc on smart-filling mode, as those will only be used in the auto-crafter for batteries in step 5!

Step 4: Automating Nickel, Copper and Magnets

In order to automate those 3 materials, you will have to use the electric smelteries. On the first smeltery, put iron ingots, copper dust and iron dust in its output node. That smeltery will produce nickel ingots. For the second one you want to put nickel ingots, copper dust and iron dust in its output node in order to smelt them to cobalt ingots. For the third and final smeltery you will have to put nickel ingots, cobalt ingots, iron dust and aluminium dust in the output node. This smeltery will now produce magnets. As nickel and cobalt ingots are used both in the magnet smeltery and the autocrafter for electromagnets later on, you should put the input nodes for those smelteries on round-robin mode. All of these materials will also be used in auto-crafters, so put all the input nodes from this step on smart-filling mode!

Step 5: Crafting the Batteries and Electromagnets

The last step of the electromagnet production is combining all the materials. To do so, you will need 2 enhanced auto-crafters. For the first chest, send sulfate, redstone, copper ingots and zinc ingots to it. Add the recipe for batteries to the auto-crafter so it will start producing batteries! Now, send those over to the chest below the second auto-crafter together with nickel ingots, cobalt ingots and batteries. Add the recipe for electromagnets to it and it will start producing them. You are now done with automating electromagnets! Send them to your storage and you will produce enough for you to craft any machines you’d like!

Created by Crazeh_x

Reworked by marvjosh