Automatic item sorter

How to Create an Automatic Item Sorter

This guide will teach you on how to create an automatic sorting chest room through a cargo network. In order to create an automatic sorting system you will need a cargo system by itself and not use another network such as your dust farm connected to this one.

This guide requires Cargo management to complete, see cargo management! for an example

You will need:

Amount of chests wanted (Doesn’t really matter how many)

The amount of advanced cargo nodes as chests (ex. 4 Nodes for 4 chests)

A bunch of connector nodes to connect the output nodes

x1 Input Node

x1 Cargo Manager


For explaining purposes there will only be 3 chests where the 1st one contains grass and dirt, the 2nd one contains nether stuff, and the 3rd contains mob drops.

NOTE: You can only have up to 9 different items in a chest PER a cargo output node as they can only take 9 different items each in its whitelist

Step 1:

First off create a bunch of output chests and a designated input chest. The input chest will be the chest where you would dump all of the items in to get sorted.

Step 2:

Choose an area for your cargo manager preferably behind your input chest. Then also put the input nodes and output nodes on your chests, also connect your connector nodes to the chests. There is a guide on cargo management so you know how to connect the input node to the output nodes.

Step 3:

In your input node change your whitelist to blacklist which will allow any item/block to let through. In your advanced output nodes keep it on whitelist and add the specific items which should go into each chest (ex. The dirt and grass chest gets dirt and grass into the output node).


You are finished. Remember if you put in an item in the input chest that isn’t assigned to an output chest it will clog the system. Enjoy your hassle free sorting system.

Created by Crazeh_x