Autocrafting Guide

Have you ever wondered how to properly use the new slimefun autocrafters? In this guide we will show you how they work!

This guide requires Cargo management to complete, see cargo management! for an example

Types of Autocrafters & Setup

At the moment there are 3 different types of autocrafters you can use for crafting various stuff!

  • Vanilla: Will craft all recipes you can craft using a standard workbench

  • Enhanced: Will be able to craft all recipes from the enhanced crafting table

  • Armor Forge: Will craft all recipes available from the armor forge

To properly set up an autocrafter, you will need to additionally have an input node, an advanced output node and a chest. Place down the chest, put the cargo nodes to the sides of it, and put the autocrafter on top of it! The autocrafter itself will need to be powered, so connect it to your energy network! You can also see the right setup in the picture at the side.

Adding in and removing recipes

Adding in a recipe to your autocrafter is super simple! You will just need to shift + right click it while holding the block you want to craft. A gui will open up, asking you to confirm that you want the autocrafter to craft that specific recipe. Pausing, re-enabling and removing the recipe from the autocrafter is equally easy. Right-click the autocrafter and the gui will once again open up, giving you the option to disable / re-enable the recipe using left click and removing it completely using right click.

Stopping the overflow of autocrafters

As you may already have experienced, if you normally set up your cargo nodes on your autocrafter they will quickly start to overflow and stop working.To prevent this, you will have to use the newest addition to cargo, the “smart-filling mode”! You will have to enable this mode on all input nodes on the storage linked to the advanced output node of the autocrafter, not on the input node of the autocrafter itself! Your cargo network will now try to put a maximum of a stack of each item into the autocrafter, and although this is not perfect, it will prevent your autocrafters from overflowing!

Created by marvjosh