Gathering Skills

Gathering Skills

These are skills that level up as you gather resources, and give you bonuses to aid you in your collecting.


You can gain experience for the Mining skill by breaking blocks harvestable with a pickaxe. Bonuses scale with your mining level, which include the ability to reduce damge from TNT to yourself (as well as expanding its blast radius), increase the amount of drops you get while mining up to a guaranteed 2x per block, and an active ability which will grant you a short burst of efficiency while mining when used.


Woodcutting gains exp upon breaking logs with an axe. It can grant you a passive ability which lets you break leaves instantly as long as you hold an axe in your hand, increase your drop amount and an active ability that can destroy entire trees at once!


Herbalism gains exp from breaking crops and tall grass. You can get a passive ability that increases how much hunger you get from eating food, an active ability that lets you spread grass faster or get up to 3x more drops when harvesting, and a passive ability which has a chance to activate upon harvesting a crop, which will automatically grow the crop to a certain point.


You can gain experience for the Excavation skill by breaking harvestable blocks (I.E sand, dirt, grass, gravel, et cetera) with a shovel. Bonuses scale with your Excavation skill, including passively finding an assortment of treasures from breaking these blocks, such as diamonds, music discs, even nametags, as well as the active ability to break harvestable blocks with your shovel much faster


Fishing gains exp from … well, fishing. This skill increases your chance to obtain treasure from fishing, such as enchantment books and valuable armor. You can also go fishing in the ice or get more hunger from eating fish if you get high enough!

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Child/Parent Skills

Parent skills will level as normal, however half of their level also levels up a child skill. Child skills have no other way of levelling up other than the average of both of it’s parent skills.


This guide isn’t meant to be an official wiki on MCMMO or walk you through it. This is a simple guide to explain what is involved in MCMMO and what you can gain from it. If you wish to find out more information you can check out any of the hyperlinks (Each skill’s name)! Not everything you can find in MCMMO is listed here. You can also find extensive walkthroughs on how to level up the skills faster if you check out their wiki!

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