Combat Skills

Combat Skills

These skills improve your ability to fight and defend yourself in both PvP and PvE situations. They level up as you use the skill in battle respectively.


This skill levels up as you punch enemies with an empty hand. Bonuses in battle can include disarming your enemies (Which takes away whatever they're holding), bonus in attack damage while using your first and it’s active ability allows you to do 50% more damage per hit.


This skill levels up as you successfully hit enemies with your arrows. Bonuses in battle can include your enemy dropping any arrows you shot at it, giving them debuffs when hit and giving you a damage bonus for bows.


This skill levels up as you slay enemies with your sword. Bonuses in battle can include giving your enemy a bleed effect (Slowly ticks down their hp for a limited amount of time), Area of Effect attacks and you’re able to reflect half of the damage taken back at your enemy.


Axes gains exp when slaying your enemies with an axe. Bonuses in battle can include making enemy armor break faster, increasing your damage while using an axe and increasing your critical damage while using an axe.


Taming gains exp when taming any tameable mob, I.E. horses, wolves, ocelots. Taming bonuses include giving your wolves extra damage, more resistance and ways to heal while in battle!

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Child/Parent Skills

Parent skills will level as normal, however half of their level also levels up a child skill. Child skills have no other way of levelling up other than the average of both of it’s parent skills.


This guide isn’t meant to be an official wiki on MCMMO or walk you through it. This is a simple guide to explain what is involved in MCMMO and what you can gain from it. If you wish to find out more information you can check out any of the hyperlinks (Each skill’s name)! Not everything you can find in MCMMO is listed here. You can also find extensive walkthroughs on how to level up the skills faster if you check out their wiki!

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