Got a competitive itch? Looking for some extra entropy or some cash? Look no further than tournaments!

Tournaments, Tournament Types & Tournament Lengths

Tournaments is a period of time where there's an objective to complete based on the type, the top 3 completers of the objective get good rewards. There are different tournament types you can stumble upon, some being harder to do while others being fairly easy. For now tournaments start every hour so be sure to hop on if you want to participate then! Tip can use /ft time to see when the next tournament starts!

Tournament Types:

  • LongestLength - Catch the longest fish! Whenever you catch a fish during this tournament it has a random length and if you get the longest fish you win! Lasts: 15m

  • MostCatch - Catch as many fish as you can before time runes out! If you caught the most fish you win! Lasts: 10m

  • RandomCatch - Be the first to catch a Random Fish to win this tournament! Lasts: 5m

Tournament Rewards

If you're one of the top 3 at the end of the tournament you get special prizes! Entropy and straight up cash. You also get rewarded for participation. Below is a list of the rewards!:

First Place - 5k Entropy, $10k
Second Place - 2.5k Entropy, $5k
Third Place - 1k Entropy, $2.5k
Participation Reward - 100 Entropy, $500

Created by CrystalNeko