You're fishing and fishing and fishing ... when suddenly you get a message in chat! You got a delivery..? What the hell is that!

What are deliveries?

Deliveries are like when you work as a chef in a kitchen! Someone makes an order and you have a list of things you need to complete said order. Only instead of cooking you're fishing! After catching so many fish you'll get a delivery, but be careful you only get 3 slots to begin with. If you don't keep up with your deliveries and catch another one before having a slot open, you'll lose out on a delivery!

Where do I find my deliveries?

If you caught a delivery then you probably already know by the message but you can do /warp fish and find the Delivery Boy npc! Once you find him just right click him to talk to him and it will open the delivery menu. It should look somewhat like my image on the right! It's not entirely accurate as I have bought some upgrades (more on that later). The delivery is the piece of paper, just hover over it and it'll tell you who it's for, what rarity it is and how much fish you need to deliver! Deliveries are 100% worth it as you get more entropy than you would from gutting the fish and get extra rewards such as boosters or lures. You may find yourself deleting a few deliveries however until you buy more slots!

Rarities & Rewards

You may have noticed stars next to the name of the person you're delivering too. These are how rare the deliveries are, rarer ones are more rewarding or are more likely to have rarer rewards! However they also take more fish and have longer delivery times!

Rarity/Fish Needed/Time Taken:

  1. 20 Fish / 30 Minutes

  2. 25 Fish / 60 Minutes

  3. 35 Fish / 120 Minutes

  4. 35 Fish / 60 Minutes

  5. 35 Fish / 120 Minutes

  6. 35 Fish / 240 Minutes

  7. 100 Fish / 900 Minutes

Note that rarities 4/5/6 can only be bought from the market which is not out yet. With this in mind these numbers may change in future updates!

Possible Rewards (1/2/3/7):

  1. 5 Possible Rewards

    1. 4 Crab Claws

    2. 4 Crab Scales

    3. 2 Dolphin Tails

    4. 2 Squid Tentacles

    5. 1 Entropy Crystal

  2. 7 Possible Rewards

    1. 6 Crab Claws

    2. 6 Crab Scales

    3. 3 Dolphin Tails

    4. 3 Squid Tentacles

    5. 1 Entropy Crystal

    6. 2 Entropy Crystal

    7. (1.2x) Entropy Booster

  3. 9 Possible Rewards

    1. 8 Crab Claws

    2. 8 Crab Scales

    3. 4 Dolphin Tails

    4. 4 Squid Tentacles

    5. 3 Entropy Crystals

    6. 1 Platinum Lure

    7. 1 Crab Lure

    8. (1.3x) Entropy Booster

    9. (1.35x) Entropy Booster

  4. 7 Possible Rewards (Tier 7)

    1. 5 Entropy Crystals

    2. 1 Platinum Lure

    3. 1 Crab Lure

    4. 1 Mythical Lure

    5. (1.1x) Entropy Booster

    6. (1.75x) Entropy Booster

    7. (3x) Entropy Booster

Delivery Upgrades

There are 5 different upgrades to choose from! They all cost entropy however so you may want to hold off on upgrading some of them until you're satisfied with the augments you have! Each upgrade of course affects deliveries. Below will be a list of each one and it's affects.


  • Increase Capacity - This increases how many deliveries you can have at once! This is by far one of the most important upgrades as it lets you keep fishing and not have to delete any deliveries because you don't have the fish/they're rare fish. On the cheaper side

  • Overclocked - Not a fan of waiting for your deliveries to well .. deliver? Look no further than this upgrade, it decreases the time it takes a delivery to deliver!

  • Expert Deliverer - Probably the second most important upgrade yet also the most expensive one. This one makes it so you require less fish to complete a delivery.

  • Pay Rise - Kind of on the cheaper side but at the same time the effect isn't all that huge. This upgrade increases how much entropy you get from completing deliveries

  • Lucky Charm - Feel like you don't get deliveries often enough? Upgrading this decreases how many fish you need to catch before your next delivery comes in!

Created by CrystalNeko