Looking to enhance your fishing rod to new levels? How about some custom enchants! Augments are basically custom enchants that you have to craft using entropy and other ingredients. Find out more below!

What are Augments?

Augments are custom enchants you can apply to your fishing rod for bonuses such as a chance to catch 2 fish at once or sell fish for more money or even making rarer fish more common. You can find a list of augments and a descript of what they do ingame by using the /Fish Augments command, I supplied an image to the right to show you just what it should look like. Be sure to add that s, otherwise you'll be trying to use a different command which we'll go over later.

What do these Augments ... do exactly?

Depends on the augment you grab! Each one has it's own unique enchant and a max level. Too lazy to look ingame at what augments there are or maybe you just want an area where you can see them all at once? Well luckily for you I will provide a list below of the augments and their effects!

  • Hot Spot - Adding this augment to your fishing rod allows you to have a chance to catch 2 fish! If you level up the augment it increases the chance for a max of 45% Requires VoidFishing Lv. 10

  • Call of the Storm - Pretty much the same thing as hot spot except it only activates during rain. However as a trade off it has a higher chance to catch fish! Up to a max of 65% THIS DOES NOT STACK WITH HOT SPOT, YOU CAN ONLY GET UP TO 2 CUSTOM FISH AT A TIME. Requires VoidFishing Lv. 12

  • Saturate - Whenever you fish you get a chance to fill your hunger bar! Up to a 50% chance at max level Requires VoidFishing Lv. 12

  • Biome Disruption - Different fish spawn in different biomes! Don't want to fish in a certain biome? Look no further than this augment as it gives you a chance to catch a fish from any biome. Max level is a 65% chance Requires VoidFishing Lv. 16

  • Precision Cutting - Need an extra boost of entropy? This augment increases how much entropy you get from gutting fish! Max level gives 70% more entropy. Requires VoidFishing Lv. 22

  • Sage - Whenever you catch a fish, this augment increases the amount of VoidFishing experience you get per a fish. Each rarity type drops different experience amounts. At max level this enchant multiplies the amount of exp you get by x1.5. Requires VoidFishing Lv. 25

  • Crab Bait - To craft augments you need custom drops! These buggers can be a bit rare and crab bait makes them that much more common! At max level you have a 9% chance to catch a crab whenever you fish. Requires VoidFishing Lv. 25

  • Intellect - Increases how smart you are! Not really, sorry. However it does increase how much exp you get from fishing. Max level increases your exp gain by 1.8x Requires VoidFishing Lv. 25

  • Perception - Did you know anytime you catch a fish you get a little bit of entropy? This augment increases how much you get! Max level increases your entropy gain from fishing by 1.5x Requires VoidFishing Lv. 28

  • Trophy - Like to gamble? You can weigh your fish at the scales npc to make them worth more ... or possibly worth less. This augment increases your chance of success! +18% Chance to suceed at max level. Requires VoidFishing Lv. 35

  • Solar Rage - Maybe you like to have more certainty... or maybe you really want to make bank on your gambling! This augment increases how much money you get when you sell fish. Max level increases how much you make from fish by 25%! Requires VoidFishing Lv. 35

  • Master Fisherman - Run out of augments? Maybe you just really want to up the chances of catching rarer fish. This expensive endgame augment increases your chance to catch rarer fish. Max level has an effect of 200% Requires VoidFishing Lv. 45

How do I craft Augments?

Great so you know what augments are and what they do ... how do you make them? Well first you need to find out what ingredients they need as well as make sure you have the correct VoidFishing Level to craft it. Once you have a list of ingredients you need to make sure you have enough entropy to craft it. Finally you need to grab a cauldron, fill it water and then toss in all the ingredients! Make sure to have the EXACT amount. No more, no less. Once you put the ingredients in the filled cauldron and providing you have the right level and the correct amount of entropy, left clicking the cauldron with a fishing rod in your hand crafts an augment! A video will be provided to your right incase you don't understand by all the text.

How do I apply Augments?

Finally you have an augment. Now how the hell do you put it on your fishing rod to use? Well it's simple! All you need to do is go to /warp fish and talk to the Augmenter NPC to the right of the warp. Then plop in your fishing rod in the left slot below the books, augments on the right side below the books and finally just hit the green glass. Tada your fishing rod now has custom enchants! You can also come back and view this menu at any time for refreshers such as how to craft augments. You can also withdraw entropy here (Only 10000 at a time) and remove all your augments on your fishing rod if you want to sell them or apply them to a different rod.

Created by CrystalNeko