Fluffymachines also provides various utility items that can make your life easier like warp pads!

Warp Pad / Warp Pad Configurator

With warp pads, you can teleport around using a pair of them. To link warp pads, you will need to use the warp pad configurator. When shifting and right clicking on a warp pad, you can set the destination to teleport to. If you right click the other warp pad with the warp pad configurator afterwards, you set the origin from which you will teleport to the destination. Now, if you step on the origin warp pad, you will be teleported to the destination warp pad!

Ancient Rune (Fireproof)

You can add an ancient rune [Fireproof] on an item to make it fireproof. To use it, just throw the item you want to be fireproof and the rune on the ground. After that, it will never burn, just like netherite gear!

Ender Chest Insertion / Extraction Node

With the ender chest insertion node, you can move items from regular chests to your ender chest. For it to work, you will have to place the ender chest insertion node onto an ender chest and a chest behind it. The node will then push the items from the chest into the ender chest. The ender chest extraction node does the exact reverse of this. This can be useful to transport items over large distances!

Alternate Elevator Plate

The alternate elevator plate is an elevator plate that uses a chest gui instead of the classic book gui to avoid complications with mutes. For more information about elevator plates, please visit the “GPS & More” guide.

Created by marvjosh