Automated Blistering Ingots

Automated Blistering Ingots

Blistering Ingots are used in a lot of endgame machines, so in this guide we will show you how to automate it

This guide requires Cargo management to complete, see cargo management! for an example

List of items & Requirements:

  • 3 Heated Pressure Chambers

  • 4 Advanced Output Nodes

  • 4 Input Nodes

  • Automated 24-Carat Gold Ingots

  • Automated Uranium

  • Automated Carbonado

  • A quick way to obtain Nether Stars

    All of the above automation requirements will also be linked to / shown in this guide

Step 1: Automating 24-Carat Gold

For this step you will need:

  • 1 Electric Ingot Factory

  • 10 Electric Smelteries

  • 12 Advanced Output Nodes

  • 12 Input Nodes

  • A sufficient dust production which can supply a lot of gold dust

First of all, you need to make sure that every single machine is supplied with the same amount of gold dust. For that, you will have to enable round robin mode on the node which inputs the gold, and put a piece of gold dust in the filter on every advanced output node on the machines. Then you proceed to put a 4-carat gold in the input node of the electric ingot factory and in the output of the first smeltery, output the 6-carat gold into the next smeltery… and so on until you reach 24 carat gold, which you can then input into a chest. Your setup could for example look like the one in the picture on the side (input nodes on the back)

Step 2: Automating Uranium, Carbonado & Nether Stars

For this step, please check the respective guides on how to automate the materials. You can find the guides here:

  • Automated Uranium (Link)

  • Automated Carbonado (Link)

  • As it is not possible to automate Nether Stars, you will have to grind those by hand.

Step 3: Creating Blistering Ingots

Now to the actual automation of blistering ingots. You will first have to input the 24-carat gold ingots and uranium you should have automated before in the first heated pressure chamber using one of the advanced output nodes. The chamber will then create blistering ingots (33%), which you have to transport to the second heated pressure chamber. In this one, you will need to add the carbonado to produce blistering ingots (66%). Now, you just have to send those over to the third heated pressure chamber and also send the nether stars from the automated wither grinder in there as well. The last chamber will now produce the fully finished blistering ingots, which you can then send to your storage system using the last input and advanced output node! Your setup for this production step should look relatively simple, for example like shown in the picture on the side.

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