Dark Room

The Dark Room Guide

Having trouble proceeding through quests? Need an early game grinder? This is the guide for you!

Dark Room

A dark room is the simplest most primitive way of farming mobs, it's extremely cheap and basic, if anything it's a core component of all grinders in the first place, its simplistic flexibility allows very creative ways of farming mobs, from the brute vanilla way of simply walking in and fighting, to smacking mobs at their feet.

(again, ignore the dolphin)

Let's keep it simple

If you just made your first cobble generator, and don't have that much materials to work with, you might wanna start off by just making a pla cube, with a complete light level of 0, and no openings whatsoever, not even doors or slabs, since they also allow light to go through.

Your best bet is to create a block obstacle to break/replace every time you feel like a little carnage.

On second thought..

You could make things easier for yourself, by adding a hole in the center, and 4 dispensers with a bucket of water on each corner, and hook em up to a button!

So whenever you want mobs killed, you simply press a button, and they will be cast away into the drop pit, and you know what to do from there.

If pressing a button is too much of a hassle, you could always hook up a redstone clock to do it for you instead, as stated previously, the possibilities are endless.

Fishing with mobs

Mobs have very predictable AIs, for example zombies walk towards villagers, skeletons run away from wolves, as well as creepers from cats, while spiders.. just do spider things.

You could design a smart room with plenty of baits, traps, and pitfalls for mobs to wander and fall into their killzone, for you to farm with your legs crossed comfortably.

Wait a minute..

Yes, you are right, this is pretty much just any other mob grinder, because it really just is, all mob grinders are dark rooms with traps leading onto killzones for you to farm, that is why you can find more detailed guides on making some of the more prominent types such as The Block, The Observer Tower

Created by Katakalysm