Hello there player! In this article you’ll learn about the basics of Jobs. Jobs lets you gain money and xp from doing jobs on the server. There are two ways to navigate jobs. You can use commands, or the beautiful and optimized GUI, which will both be covered in this guide.

How to start

As a new player one of the first things you will want to do is join a job, before you /rtp yourself into the build or resource world. That way you can start making some money right away.
Depending on your gameplay and how you like to play the game you will want to join different jobs. The most popular jobs are Miner and Hunter right now. Both are great ways to get money given they are related to actions you are more likely to perform as you play on the server, but just because they are the most popular jobs doesn’t mean you have to choose those two.
All jobs are equally valid and balanced to produce similar levels of profit. In the end, it is mainly a matter of what you specifically enjoy doing.
The 12 existing jobs that are currently available are as follows:
  • Woodcutter - This job earns money as you chop, and plant trees.
  • Miner - This job earns money by breaking minerals, stones and ores.
  • Builder - This job earns money by placing most building blocks.
  • Digger - This job earns money by digging dirts, sands, gravels and terraforming the environment.
  • Farmer - This job earns money by placing and breaking crops, taming, breeding, and other animal related activities such as milking and shearing.
  • Hunter - This job earns money by killing all mobs, whether passive or hostile.
  • Explorer - This job earns money by exploring the world.
  • Crafter - This job earns money and points by crafting items using the crafting table.
  • Fisherman - This job earns money by fishing.
  • Weaponsmith - This job earns money by crafting and repairing armor, tools and weapons.
  • Brewer - This job earns money by brewing potions.
  • Enchanter - This job earns money by enchanting gear and tools.
All jobs actions that give you money will also give some points and experience for the job. The rates for money, exp and points is fixed and does not change with your level in a job.


For those of you who are more old fashioned and like the commands, here is a list:
  • /jobs join (job name) - This command will allow you to join your desired job out of the 12 currently available options.
  • /jobs browse - This command will open the GUI with the available jobs and a small description of them, from which you can choose.
  • /jobs top (job name) - This command will display to your right the current leaderboard of highest levels for a specific job.
  • /jobs stats - This command will bring up your jobs stats GUI where you can access your job statistics, skill trees, and quests.
  • /jobs leave (job name) - This command will allow you to leave a specific job. Leaving a job will not reset your level and progress with said job, it will, however deduct a certain amount of levels (roughly 30% of your levels every time you leave the job) so caution is suggested if you want to switch to a different job.
  • /jobs leaveall - This command will allow you to leave all jobs you have joined currently.
  • /jobs info (job name) - This command will show a GUI with all the materials and how you can interact with them depending on the job. It will show how much exp, points, and money you can make from performing a specific action to a relevant block. (example, miner info will show which ores, and stones can be broken for how much money, exp and points.)
  • /jobs shop - This command will take you to the jobs shop where you can use the points you earn from doing your job to purchase a variety of items, armor, and weapons.

The jobs GUI

All of the information and actions these commands provide can be accessed through and navigated using the /jobs command which will open the user friendly interface for all things jobs related.
In this menu you have access to 4 main categories that open up for further options, which will be explained further below.

Job Statistics

Your player skin on the top left, which will give you access to you statistics, skill trees and quest pages is equivalent to the /jobs stats command.
When clicking on the rightmost sign you are able to see your job statistics, such as your level, exp and which jobs you have currently joined. It will also give you a brief description of each job.
The middle sign gives access to the skill tree. The skill tree is a reward system where when you level up your job you can go there and get a small, but increasing reward that is related to the job you have joined.(examples such as getting ores from the miner job, building blocks from the builder, crops and spawn eggs from the farmer, and more generally in all jobs some money, points and vanilla experience.)
The rightmost sign gives access to the quest menu, where you can see the number of quests you have completed, that you have pending, and get access to the information regarding to your currently ongoing quests. To get the information regarding ongoing quests, you press the paper item, and it will show them to you in the in-game chat.

Browsing Jobs

The middle Book and Quill gives access to /jobs browse which will show you all 12 jobs that are available, with red or green glass panes, which show whether you have joined a job (green pane) or haven't (red pane). From this menu you can left click a job to join/leave it, or right click it for more detailed access which guides you to the /job info page for the blocks the job interacts and works with.

Points Shop

The bottom left coin is the /jobs shop which will open up the shop where you can use the points you earn from performing your job to purchase useful items, armor and weapons. Some items in the shop will require you to have a specific level in a specific job. Others are general and just require you to have the correct amount of points.
The jobs shop is a great place for new players to purchase decent enchanted armor and tools, beacons, elytras and ore blocks. These can help tremendously as you start on the server, since you can get points from any job just by performing their actions, and the prices are reasonably cheap.

Jobs help, Server wide statistics, and more to come

The bottom middle bookshelf will guide you to the /jobs help page which will show you all commands as written above in this article, in case you forgot one and want easy access in game.
The last 2 icons don’t bring you anywhere. The top right sign gives you general server wide job information of how many players have jobs, and what is the player max job limit (currently 3), while the red terracotta is a placeholder for future in development features.
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