This is a quick little in-depth guide on the MCMMO plugin you can find on our server! If you need more information than what’s provided here, please visit the official MCMMO wiki.

NOTE: MCMMO may get replaced at a later date with a different plugin, use at your own risk

What is MCMMO?

MCMMO is a plugin designed to simulate an RPG-like feeling for you to enjoy! It adds several skills for you to level up and is how you rank up in most of our servers. Every level for each skill adds up to a total number called the “Power Level”. Your power level is what determines your rank on the server!


Below you will find a list of links that explain all of the skills you can find in MCMMO in categories with an introduction to how they work and how they can be useful in your daily gameplay! In any 1.12 server, the max level you will receive bonuses for is 1000. In any 1.13+ server, the max level is 100, however its much harder to level. Most skills also have an active ability to use as well, which you can activate upon right clicking with the tool that skill uses. (Note: In any 1.13+ server you need to level up your skill a bit before you're able to use the ability)

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