Tinker Tools & Armor

Did you ever want tools and armor that you can repair, level, upgrade and modify to your wish? Well, tinker tools fill all of these requirements and in this guide we will show you how to use them!

The Tinker Table

The tinker table is your tool station to everything related with tinkers. In it, you can craft all tinkers items, repair them and add modifiers onto them. The tinker table is super easy to build as it is only a slab on top of a dispenser. In order to interact with it, just put the recipe in the dispenser and click the slab, and it will automatically craft the recipe you placed in it!

Crafting tinker tools & armor

In order to craft your first tinker item, you first need to find out the recipe of it. To do so, you will have to open up your /sf guide and search for the category "Tinkers Items", which is represented by a wooden pickaxe. After clicking on it, you will see a list of craftable tools and armors. You can now click one of them to see their recipe. Place that exact recipe into your tinker table like shown and click the slab. After a short delay with some particles, your tinker item will be ready for usage!

Levelling up your tinker items

When using your tinker items, they will start gaining exp for every action you do with it. That means for example, that you will gain xp for mining with a tinkers pickaxe or gain xp for your armor when getting hit by mobs. Once your tool reaches a specific amount of xp it will level up to the next level, rewarding you with a free modifier slot and a 20% chance to recieve a free modifier. Keep on reading to see what to do with the free modifier slots!
At certain levels, your items will upgrade into a better material. This means you can get up to a netherite pickaxe even with just starting with a wooden tinkers pickaxe! This means the following upgrades will take place:

  • Upgrade to stone/chainmail at level 5

  • Upgrade to iron at level 20

  • Upgrade to diamond at level 35

  • Upgrade to netherite at level 50

Repairing your tinker items

You can repair your tinker items using your tinker table. To do so, just place the tool you want to repair in the first slot of the dispenser and the material in the second slot and click the slab. The material to repair the items depends on the material your item is made of, but is always the full block version of it. This means in order to repair your wooden item, you will need logs, for stone items you need stone, for iron items you need iron blocks and so on!

Adding modifiers to tinker items

In order to add modifiers to your tinker item you need to have a free modifier slot on it. Now, you can go to the "Tinkers Modifiers" section of the Slimefun guide, which is represented by an anvil. In there you can see all the modifiers available and the material you need to add it onto your tool. You can now add it to the tool the same was as repairing it, with the tool in the first slot and the material in the second one. You will be needing a certain amount of the material for each level up, increasing with each level already on the item. When the counter is full, it will add the next level of the modifier.

Renaming tinker items

You can also customize and rename your tinker items! Using /tinkers name [name], you can name your items to whatever you want. The command also supports minecrafts color and formating codes that you can see by using /colors!

You have now learned everything there is to know about tinker items. Now go out there and customize your own armor and tools you have always dreamed of and make them stronger then ever before!

Created by marvjosh