Minion Guide

Minions are fun little helpers that assist you in your journey, doing some basic tasks automatically.

Obtaining Minions

To obtain minions, you have to buy them from /minions store with ingame money. There are currently 7 different types of minions that are buyable, with their costs ranging from 50,000 to 75,000. The minion store also contains various information about the different minions, for example the upgrade effects when you hover over the paper below it. When hovering over the heads of the minions, you will receive a brief overview of what each type does, but this will also be explained further below. When clicking the specific head, you will buy the minion if you have enough money in your purse.

Types of minions

Miner Minion

The miner minion automatically mines the ores and stone in front of it. Depending on its level, it will mine up to 5 blocks in a row. At level 5 it will gain the ability to autosmelt any mined blocks, smelting iron and gold ore into ingots and cobblestone into stone. This minion is perfect to be set up with a cobblestone generator to automate cobblestone / mineral production

Collector Minion

The collector minion picks up any items on the ground and puts them into a linked chest. Upgrading it will increase the range it picks up items from. Using cargo or hoppers, the collected items can then be pulled out of the linked chest and put into a real storage.

Feeder Minion

The feeder minion feeds any minions in its range, making them work endlessly. Upgrading it will increase its range, making it possible to place more minions within its range to feed. If you use it efficiently, there is even a way to fit all your minions you can place within the range of one feeder minion!

Fisher Minion

Fisher minions will fish in a water pool they are facing. Upgrading the fisher to a maximum level of 3 will lead to the fishing action having a higher success rate, with the success rate being pretty low at level one and high at level 3.

Farmer Minion

The farmer Minion will automatically till dirt, harvest and replant crops in its range. The minion upgrade provides a bigger range for the minion, up to a maximum of 7 (15x15 field). This minion is perfect to be paired up with a sprinkler from slimefun, which speeds up the growth of crops when supplied with power.

Lumberjack Minion

The lumberjack minion cuts down trees in its radius. Leveling it up will lead to it extending its range, making it possible to cut down dark oak trees at the higher levels. The maximum range for the minion is 10x10x10. This minion is very helpful to collect building materials to expand your island, or even to collect fuel for coal generators when turning the collected wood into charcoal or just using raw wood / planks.

Slayer minion

The slayer minion will automatically kill any mobs in its range. Upgrading it will increase its range to a maximum of 7x7x7, with the minion additionally gaining a looting 1 upgrade on level 5. Slayer minions can be very helpful to have at your mob grinder or being combined with spawners, as they will automatically kill all mobs in their range instantly, with the exception of ender dragons, withers and ghasts.

Minion GUI

When opening a minions gui by right-clicking it, you will have different
options to configure your minion.
se are the following options:

  • Head: Change your minions skin

  • Arrows: Change the direction your minion is facing

  • Golden Apple: Feed your minion for 10,000

  • Hopper: Link your minion to a chest (Note. This only works for collector minions)

  • Diamond Pickaxe: Hover over this to see your minions stats

  • Name Tag: Rename your minion, requires 1,000 karma to use

  • Steak: View your minions current food level

  • Gold Ingot: Upgrade your minion

Feeding your minions

As every worker, minions can't run without being fed, meaning that they will stop working when they are at 0/20 food. To prevent that from happening, there are three different options. First, you could open the minions gui and click the golden apple. This is a rather expensive option, as one refilling of the minions food bar will cost 10,000. The second option is to provide the minions with a feeder minion in range, so the feeder minion can refill the food bar, making minions work limitlessly. The third option for refilling the food bar of a minion is to right-click them with specific foods provided by minecraft, each refilling the hunger bar by a set amount:

  • 1 hunger: cookie, melon, potato, apple, cooked cod, cooked salmon

  • 2 hunger: bread, baked potato, cooked beef, cooked mutton, cooked porkchop, cooked chicken, cooked rabbit, pumpkin pie, golden carrot

  • 3 hunger: beetroot soup, mushroom stew, rabbit stew

Minion Limits

The amount of minions you can place on your island is limited per player and based on karma ranks. The basic amount of minions you can place is 2 Miner Minions and 1 of each other type. The amount of minions you can place will increase with almost each karma rank like the following:

  • Primordial: 2 miners, All others 1 each

  • Light / Shadow: 4 miners, All others 2 each

  • Firelight / Dusk: 6 miners, All others 3 each

  • Starlight / Eclipse: No change

  • Sunlight / Embers: 8 miners, All others 4 each

  • Celestial / Hellish: No change

  • Immortal / Eternal: 10 miners, All others 5 each

For more information about the karma ranks, visit /warp karma ingame or check out the karma guide!

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